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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Twist In Those Heels


Just like clothes, shoes also get makeovers, with  new designs, materials and  textures hoping to take them to the next level. Fashion designers hardly present new lines without the latest heels to go with them. It is common knowledge that these fashion items can sometimes make or break the overall look of an outfit, so getting it right matters.

As a self-taught fashion enthusiast, my weaknesses are for shoes. I am one for "make them look" "turn their neck" very high sky scraper "break your leg heels" (lol).

It is not often one gets an outfit right, however, if the heels stand out, you might just be forgiven. Trust the Naija in us. News from the grapevine goes something like this: Her dress no fine but her shoes na die! Which brings us to the heels in focus.

They are called sphere(rical) heels, round heels, sculpted heels or twists. Twist because they looks like stoppers on a bottle top. Very dainty and delicate looking design in my opinion, that if I had one I'd only wear on special occasions.( The low heels have held me back) However fashion these days have been pushed to every boundary possible. These shoes come as boots, courts, pumps, mules etc. That in itself says they are not dainty and delicate as I think. It can work anywhere at any time of the day, dressed up or down. According to some experts who have tried them on, they are quite comfortable and sturdy.

Sculpted heels were not designed in 2021. They have been seen on Jimmy Choo and YSL runways, so why are they in focus now? You might ask.

With how we have all been affected by lockdown, little or no socializing, what best way to make an appearance at your first ever engagement with real people than turn up in a statement pair of heels. Heels that will create conversations and leave lasting memories.

Where to find them? Fear not, just like everything else, brands like Asos, Charles and Keith, Topshop, Zara and others online have made it possible for mere mortals like me to grab myself one of these beauties at pocket friendly prices. Still if the high end brands are your thing, go for it.

Let us know your thoughts on this fashion item. If you already have a twist in your heels, feel free to share photos which will be part of a publication. Catch you next time.





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