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Why I Went Into Many Other Businesses-Alexes Promotions UK CEO, Mrs Omobolanle Olatise

Mrs Omobolanle Olatise is a very hardworking entrepreneur who juggles so many roles in business. She is passionate about so many things and she has invested in them. That is why she is into Music, Movie, Agric, Education, Manufacturing and Child care, among many others too numerous to mention. She is also into real estate. She is a very brilliant business woman who sees opportunities where others don't. And she is always ready to explore and break new grounds.

Citypeople Publisher, Seye Kehinde recently got her to speak about her recent business expansion. Below are excerpts of the interview.

A few years ago, many people had assumed you were only into Music promotion, but now you are into Movie production. What is the idea?

I love entertainment in general and while growing up I had always wished to get involved in film production.

Apart from Entertainment you are also into Education in the UK. And now you are expanding to Nigeria, with the opening of a brand new school in Lagos. Why invest in Education?

Education is the best legacy and one of the most lucrative achievements that someone can have. I love education and it’s actually my main business.

I believe setting up a UK standard of education with both Nigeria and UK Curriculum will enhance positive impacts.

Let's talks about your expansion into Agriculture. It’s increasing by the day. You have farms in Ogun and Osun States. Tell us a bit about your love for Agriculture.

Actually My Husband is the one that has passion for Agriculture because he grew up with his parents’ mechanised farming.

However, I deal with the Bussiness aspect of our Agricultural business

We started in Osun state and we are now in Oyo, Ogun and Lagos state.


How did your training in school prepare you for all your businesses?

My training in school didn’t actually teach me about business, but my mother was an Accountant and an International business woman who taught me how to run a business and be successful in it.


Furthermore, to help me manage my business internationally, I am back in University here in the UK studying International Business Management.

How challenging has it been putting together and running all these businesses?


To be honest, it is very challenging but with God all things are possible

God has been faithful and I believe he won’t leave me alone with all life challenges in general.

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  1. God will continue to strengthen you ma.

  2. God will continue to strengthen you ma.

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