Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Celebrating Veteran Actress, Enitan Bakare, Miss Tolotolo, In Papa Ajasco


She is a popular actress who has been acting for over 25years.She has built a formidable reputation for herself as a damn good actress.

Let's tell you more.

Her real name is Enitan Bakare, but many call her Enitan Baker in the industry." I started with a lead role "Folake" in no.1 AIT solo drama by ( School for Mischief) 1994 by Andrew Chire," she told Citypeople Online.

"I Starred as Miss Tolotolo in Papa Ajasco in 96/97/98.I have starred in several movies such as Extreme Measures by Mr Zeb Ejiro.She worked with the Almighty Allen Scheid as an assistant director of the series - The station.

So what is she up to now?

"I run humanitarian projects now under Eniitanmedia and consultantancy,"she explains."The ENI-ITAN MEDIA AND CONSULTANCY outfit relates with all pandemic survivors, in stratified classes the struggles, the death of loved ones, the fear, the hunger, the virus, daily acts. A new earth is born towards which all survivors are being mandated by universe to follow a trend of love for one another, unity consciousness etc.

 It is an impact media which main course is to imbibe in growing children, the needful to conquer world challenges as a world changer. The adults, however is not left out, we reach them in their fields of work, making them see the essence of appreciating existence while making impacts in the next individuals, jobless but hardworking street individuals, all individuals that were affected by the pandemic, dying patients, initiating in them a sense of giving back to the society etc.

 To the aged, we relate with them through their married sons’ / daughters in every home having a mother in law or a father in law, and the abandoned ones on road side. We project the unfulfilled dreams, giving opportunities to be fulfilled before exit! We believe all involved one or the other with us invest in the universe and nature towards her healing and a better rising earth."


 However, where there is darkness at work, there is always an equal force of light. We represent a force of light in this new rising earth initiating a heart of humanity, a sense of belonging, a sense of responsibility, a sense of appreciation of freedom, an appreciation of life in all individual towards a better and a stronger world.

In our children program, we initiate 7 children ambassadors for all children to emulate regardless society problems.

,1. An ambassador representing all children from separated homes! The child in his speech reaches to all dad's all over the world to reach thier offsprings in previous marriages so as to imbibe in them good legacies .These acts will reduce touts, internet fraudsters, etc

The 2 ambassador represents a giving act in in all students and scholars.....etc


Eni-itan is a give back to society initiative towards nurturing a better world.


Eni- itan street fix is a roadshow to relief all pandemic survivors who are jobless and underprivileged since pandemic.

It's a way to relief the society initiated by the universe!..

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