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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Checkout The Style Statement Of Edna Ezonbodor, The CEO Of Ixia Integrated Services Limited

 Edna Ezonbodor is the beautiful lady behind Ixia Integrated Services Limited. She is also the CEO. 

Edna’s brand has succeeded in training over 400 Nigerian youths in various educational and vocational areas. Ixia trains Nigerian youths to be self-reliant and accommodating.

She has made placements in various universities in Nigeria and abroad, and presently re-educating youths in vocations like Wielding, Catering, Fashion DesigningEvents planning, Carpentry, etc.  

She also owns a ready-to-wear outfit in a high brow area of Port Harcourt, Nigeria to project the rich African culture in clothes and style, with more emphasis on the Nigerian Ankara and Batik prints. Plush ideas and Business is an Interior Decoration store that is the number store to beat because of its total package. Plush exhibits different kinds of decor from all over the world.

 Her vast experience in Travels, Selection, and Communication, makes her brand unique, classy, durable, and up to date.

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