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How MONTAI Plays Big In Construction

Whenever her name is mentioned anywhere, what readily comes to mind is her Bag & Shoe business. This is because that is what brought Hajia Tai Elemosho-Okesanjo to lime light very many years ago. Her Boutique in Ikeja is called MONTAI and she is popularly known as AΔΊhaja Tai. It was K1 that made her name popular when he sang a special customised song for her years back.

But we can quickly tell you that this beautiful lady of Style is not about Shoe and Bag alone. She plays big in Construction. She has a big company called Montai Nigeria Ltd. which is into the construction of roads.

She is also into the construction of homes, renovation of homes, street lights, facility management and lots more.

She has been into construction for over 20years and she has handled so many projects like schools roofing work and Transformer installation.

And wait for this. She does Facility management also. She is a big contractor for LASG and over the past 19years or so, she has built residential estates for LASG.

She has a lot to show in terms of projects done by Montai Nig. Ltd.

She has built several terrace houses over the last 8 years

What has helped her a lot is her determination to succeed and  her spirit of hard work. She combines so many roles as a wife, mother, socialite, Boutique owner and Construction giant

Kudos to this beautiful woman of Style.

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