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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.



Paying homage to #playingdressupwithchantelle my current addition to the social media fashion family, saw me give it a birthday take because 31-3 is my birthday. Playing dressup is a "pretend we are going to parties, church etc". fashion content on a few social media platforms where I style different outfits pretending I am about to attend an occasion. This was borne out of boredom, hardly anywhere to go and sorting the too many outfits one has lying around unworn. Hopefully it might be showing on City People TV in the not too distant future.

Just as is the current trend with parties, birthdays are now celebrated virtually worldwide, thanks to platforms like zoom. One positive outcome these virtual parties have is that people from different parts of the world can now join in which was not possible before.

On the other hand where some celebrants might not be able to organize a zoom party, photo shoots have become common place. Decking up a living room, spare spaces etc. with eye-catching balloons and party decors is now big deal. These space are transformed into spectacular studios making the celebrant feel special.

For my playing Dressup:Birthday Edition, I focused on the colour green. Tagging it, green goddess, green with envy or green revolution,  keeping up the cheesy themes I am currently working with in the online version. Why green you might ask? I opted for it because the colour is reminiscent of renewal, regrowth, rebirth and starting afresh. The past year saw me struggling terribly with my health and the mental effects of Covid. Something I thought can never happen to me, but it did. This birthday and the colour scheme gives me a chance to try and push ahead as the vaccine has given us renewed hope.

From dresses to skirts, I tried to give it the Fexefxtz or in English, the Chantelle effect.😊

It was quite exciting putting the outfits together especially with the surprisingly lovely weather we had. My one big prayer was granted Halleluyah… and I feel better for it.

Ever since I started playing dressup, I have thoroughly enjoyed styling different items of clothing than just the one. It helps my stylist creative juices flow. Working this way open up a portal of possibilities with what is achievable when it comes to fashion and style.

I hope you love the outfits on show. Feel  free to leave your comments like and share.

I wish myself a happy birthday and pray that I grow stronger each day in good health sound mind and more with God on my side.

Chantelle Tindall.

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