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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Popular Actress, Folake Shadare, Reveals Why She Went Into Real Estate

Folake Shadare is a beautiful Nollywood actress who has done so well for herself.She has been in it for years.
The big news is that Folake has gone into Real Estate.She is the face behind Ocean Dove Gardens in lbeju Lekki in Lagos State.

Why did she go into real estate,we asked her?

"As an actress and being one of the veterans in the industry, i decided to go into real estate, considering the opportunities in the Lekki Free Trade Zone and around the new Lagos and future investment,"she explained.

What is the OceanDove gardens all about? "It is a brain child of one my dreams. When i visited Canada during the last Asha Day Awards programme,I saw beautiful estates and serene organised garden and that gave birth to my wonderful dream of wanting to contribute to the plan of Lagos state government to the new Lagos,"she revealed.

"I liked the serene and organized housing system I saw.And I believe we can do such here."

What are the attractions that will make any one go for land at Ocean Dove Gardens? "The attractions include nearness to the new Lagos seaport,free trade zone,the proposed lekki airport,Dangote refinery and many other big housing estates and state housing schemes."

Why did she accept to promote the brand?
"I accepted to promote the brand because of the seasoned town planners and Engineers involved.Moreso, the current Oba Onijemo,HRH Shobowale Ade provided the land with a very free title and consent by the state government."

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