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Teenu_Impactress: The Visionary Woman



A visionary woman has a compelling vision for their life, they can see beyond the ambiguity and challenges of today to an empowering picture of tomorrow.



Ms Dorcas Adenekan Leshi,


Please introduce yourself, your name, your current job title,  your qualification, and where you are from?


Ms Dorcas Adenekan Leshi,

I work as a charge nurse in a community health NHS foundation.  I have BSC Adult Nursing ,BSC Leg Ulcer Theory and Practice, Principles of Nursing Management of Patients with Skin Cancer, Practical Approaches to Dermatology, Supporting and Assessing Learning in Practice Settings and End of Life care and Management, Verification of death.

I am from Issara Remo, Ogun State, now leave in Essex UK .


What are your accomplishments in your careers over the years?


I am currently working as Charge Nurse, in a community health NHS foundation, previously worked as District Nurse Deputy Team Leader. I began my career has a nurse 15 years ago in my late 30th

My current role has a charge nurse includes , team management,  training and supporting student nurses, providing nursing care to patient in community setting , including end of life care .

I started my journey as a cleaner in 1992, did training as health care assistance in 1994, works with London Borough of Camden as Health Support Worker till 2000, joined Newham College in 2000 , got admission to Middlesex University for my Degree in Adult Nursing.


I’ve got many qualifications in different level to be where I am today. I am a good supervisor.

I am a multi skilled nurse, works with dermatology, Acute & community hospital, District Nursing, Care Home, Urgent Nursing Care.

I am undergoing training on coaching and mentoring  at the moment with Institute of Leadership & Management Certificate at Level 5.


In life there will be challenging period  to develop our strength and character.  My own biggest challenge was when I was unable to practice for 2 years due to circumstances beyond my control, but I really thank God Almighty for his Grace, my blessed Children that stood by me and my wonderful friends, my sister Yinka Dosunmu and her husband Folabi, Kike Idowu, Temitayo Osobu,Mrs. Osho, Funmi Badmus, Bose Kamson, Bola Adekoya, Ola Omoyele, Olu Omoyele , Victoria Osho, my adviser Teenu Temtam and my prayer partners. I was able to overcome this challenge with the support of these wonderful women, who stood by me , encourages and supported me. Thought times don’t last , though people do, what does not kill you makes you stronger. When things were though, I didn’t give up , I worked really hard, and did all what I can to keep up with my expenses most especially paying my mortgage.


In Conclusion, what is your vision for the future and your advice to other women especially the upcoming younger women?



My vision in the next few years is to continue my  charity work with the widows in my home Town in Nigeria. To spend more time on the project, using my skills and knowledge that I have acquired in the UK to bring more smiles into people’s life.


 My advice to other women and the upcoming younger women , it is Never too late to start your career and do what makes you happy.  Choose God first and surround yourself with good network of friends. Where I am today is because of God,  and good friends , that were there to talk to, share good idea s and work together during my challenges and stressful time. Woman should also use friendship not just for social networking only, also develop one and other, to share good knowledge , skills , support , and develop each other to achieve greater things in life.


In my life I have lost, made mistakes, have been miserable, had few regrets and also been happy, but still believing in God that is possible to achieve my goal.

I am using this opportunity to thank my children, my family’s all over the world my colleagues and my friends all over the World



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