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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

The Osinfade Twins @ 70


This is the lovely story or the Osinfade twins at 70. It is the story of Otunba Dr.Julius Kehinde Ladapo Osinfade and his twin sister, Mrs. Dorcas Taiwo Adewole.

Both turned 70 recently and Dr Osinfade revealed a lot about both of them.

Citypeople recently got him to reflect on his life @ 70.And he revealed a lot about his success story. How does he feel as he clocked 70 we asked him? What has changed about him as he turns 70? What has not changed? These and many more were the questions we asked him.

"I feel great! God is awesome, “he explained. "Tai & I had a Covid-19- limited party in my place in Abeokuta." "Notwithstanding the restrictions, we had a good time with our family members and friends, he explained. What does his twin sister do? “My twin sister (Mrs Dorcas Taiwo Adewole) is self-employed. She is a businesswoman, specifically into timber dealings." How does he feel, as he clocks 70? What has changed about him? What has not changed?

"I believe age is just a figure, not much has changed, and albeit my Golf handicap has nosedived. My socialization remains the same."

Why did he study Medicine 💊 years back? "My mum’s wish was for me to read Medicine. I readily agreed because my results were very good... More so it was fashionable then. It was 1972: .the year of the concessional exam. I was in Unife (1972- 1979).

At 70, what does he do now?

"I run a small specialist clinic in my house in Abeokuta."

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