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US Movie Producer, Ferrari Tonia Okoro Finishes Work On Her New Movie

 Ferrari Okoro is one of the beautiful actresses making waves in the US. She lives in Maple Grove, Minnesota. She is not only a Nollywood actress, but she is also a movie producer and a scriptwriter. She is the producer of Omotoke Gold & lran. She has started work on her 3rd movie.

She is pretty and stunning, blessed with flawless skin that glows. But don't get it twisted she is good at what she does. She is much focused and highly principled.

The big news is that she has just finished a new movie & she's working on another one. What is the movie all about?

She told Citypeople about it, recently.

"It is about Love, betrayal, hope, and spiritual realms", she explained.

"I've shot 3 already", she added.

"The others are yet to be completed."

Ero Okanmi is almost out

Arinola, is not done

Open marriage is not done

Atemo is yet to shoot

What has kept her going since she came to the US?

"God, work and passion”, she explained.

Is she into full-time acting and production?

Oh yeah, I still have a full-time job though

But My career is very important to me to give up on it like that."

How did she start acting? How many years ago?

"I just went into the industry through a marketer, who was my customer when I owned a cosmetic store introduced me to Kunle Afod."

How easy is it to be a movie producer in the US?

"It is not easy ooo. Spending on production in dollars is not easy ooo," she explained.

"Travelling from one state to another,"

When did she start acting?

"I started in 2010. That is about 11years ago"

My first featured movie was Olosho by Kunle Afod

Where was she born? Where did she grow up?

"I was born in Cameroon, my late mom's country. I grew up and schooled in Lagos."

She bears 2 names. What is the difference between Ferrari Okoro and Ferrari Anthony?

Ferrari Tonia Okoro are my names

Anthony is my dad's name. I just used that to keep him close

I do a lot of things in my late dad's name

Who are her close friends in the industry in the US?

'I don't have friends in the industry. The industry is the worst place to make friends. I only have godmother and godfather."

Can she tell us about them, we urged her

Aunty Jaiye Kuti and Uncle Fash

My family are my closest friends in the US

Aunty Jaiye has always been like a mother to me, even before my mom died. We still keep in touch till now

Uncle Fash is very dear to me, advises, and encourages me. I almost didn't travel to the US cause I got cold feet.

He sent his cabman to take me to the airport

They know my pain. When my mom was on sickbed, they were my emotional support

Congratulations to this beautiful lady of style who Citypeople honoured a few years back in Lagos. 

We wish her many more successes.

Watch out for the next episode...

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