Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Why I Always Stand Out At Parties - Olori Mudrakat


Have you ever met this beautiful lady at a party before? If you have, you must have noticed her Fashion Style. She always stands out on account of her Looks. She always looks good all the time. She knows what fits her and she dresses to fit.

That is Olori Layinde-Macaulay Stella Mudrakat for you. Recently Citypeople magazine got her to talk about her fashion style and why she is usually the cynosure of all eyes at Lagos parties.

We asked her what she does for a living and she was quick to reveal she is a businesswoman.


"I am a businesswoman. And I deal in jewellery, shoes, bags and fabrics", she explains.

We asked her to tell us about her pedigree and background.

"I am one of the daughters of late Chief (Alhaji) Rauf Ajetumobi Ojubanire", she began to explain," My dad was a successful businessman in Lagos, though from Abeokuta, Ogun State. And he was a socialite in his lifetime too.

 In fact, he was one of the very sociable men of those days that Apala music legend, Ayinla Omowura waxed special numbers for, in some of his popular albums."


"Meanwhile, I am married to a loving husband, Baale Mudashiru Kayode Macauley Layinde, the Baale of Olorunsogo, Mushin, Lagos. We have been married for 33 years, and we are blessed with wonderful children from my good self, and from my husband's earlier marriage as well. And my husband is a socialite too."


What about her Style? How does she dress in such a way that she stands out at parties? She smiles." About my dressing and how I decide what to wear?

Well, that is very simple. For one, the type of occasion I'm attending determines what I am going to be wearing. Because I love to be properly dressed for each occasion. And for someone who deals in fashion materials, I cannot be found wanting with my appearance."


"So, if it is an outing that has a particular fabric chosen for Aso-Ebi, I always ensure I have my own-sewn in a unique style such that other guests at the party would find it attractive. In other words, I always ensure I make statements with my fashion style, based on the what my fashion designer would be detailed to design with the fabric."


"And on the other hand, if it is a party that we are free to wear whatever we like because no particular fabric is chosen as Aso-Ebi, I always make sure what I chose to wear is in tune with the expected mood of the party depending on whether it is a birthday, wedding, Chieftaincy Installation, house warming, naming or burial party. I always ensure that I'm well dressed for each occasion, and quality is always my watch-word as far as every item of my

"Let me add that my Husband is an Estate Broker and a Land Consultant."

"He is the Executive Chairman of Moral Excellence Global Resources Ltd, Moral Excellence Property Company and Great Backers Ltd, among other businesses

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