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Yeye Oge, LANRE BATLAN, Opens Cosmetic Store In LAGOS

•Details Of The Classy Party


Her name is big in Cosmetics & Skincare business. She is good at what she does. She is an authority when it comes to Beauty business. But she does not make noise about it. That is Yeye Oge Lanre Batlan for you. Many call her name in different ways. Some simply call her Batlan. But her real name is Hajia Yeye Oge Olanrewaju Yusuf (Batlan). Batlan is her brand name.

The big news is that on 4th April, 2021, she held the Grand Opening of her Batlan Cosmetic Store at No 1 Ogunlesi Street, Ojota, Lagos State. It was a classy event that was well attended by many society women.

At the event which started with Muslim prayers, she and her husband played hosts to guests, who were mainly woman. The new complex is a storey building located at a nice business area. All over Ojota, Hajia Batlan is well respected. She has been doing business for decades in that area, so she is well known. Her new Cosmetic Store is fully stocked with beauty & cosmetic products. She does retail and wholesale. She is a big importer of cosmetics. The shop has various sections for various sections of beauty products. As you walk into the store, you will step into the reception area, where she stocks various kinds of beautiful containers for creams and as you proceed in, you will see other sections to the left & right. There is the Cosmetics section and Tube Section. There is a section for 100% Essential Oil. There is also Herbal Oil Section. To the right, Face Cream Section, Synthetic Essential Oil to the left and Tube Section.

On the Ground floor, you have the Oil section, Promixing Section, new Hair Section for Wigs and Cosmetic Section, where you can get Powder and Foundation products for Make Up. There is also the Main packaging section for imported bottles. And upstairs is the Main Organic Section, where you can get 100% Organic products. Upstairs you have a Spa Equipment section where you can get sophisticated equipments and Machines, like Spa Chairs, Spa Beds. There is a section for Whitening Actives, Whitening Oils, Whitening Liquids, Original Thailand Soaps. There is a section for Jewel Cosmetics Brand, Whitening Face, Face Cream. She also has products in stock for people making cosmetics and Ose Dudu (black soap). She told City People that the Main Organic section was where many of her customers can get 100% organic products. “Many of our products are Natural materials used to make cosmetics. It’s unique. I customised it my own way”, she explained.

City People went round the very impressive Cosmetic Store that caters to the needs of many ladies who need Skincare products. “There is nothing they are looking for that I don’t have in stock,” explaining what stands her store out from the pack “Batlan Cosmetics & Organic Store stocks 100% original products. Let me tell you the wide range of original products you will find here. There is Perfume Oil, Organic & Promixing Materials, Whitening Active, Extra Whitening Active, Essential Oils, Packaing Items, Organic Whitening Oil, Whitening Powders, Snow White Actives, Essential Liquid, Whitening Base, Herbal Product, Kojic Powder, Alpha Arbutin, Glutathione Glycolic, Whitening Boosters, Whitening Extra, Whitening Oils, Foreign Containers, Local Containers, All kinds of Chemicals, Make Up products, Make Up Raw materials, Wigs, Human Hair & Accessories, Fragrance & Flavour, Cosmetics & Spa Equipment, Jelly, Knuckle, Treatment, Herbal Products for Damaged Skin. Look, one of the things that stand us out is QUALITY. We deal in good quality products. We don’t compromise on this”.


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