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Why Rich Celebrity Women Buy H.O.H From JUMOKE OYENEYIN

Since Lagos Queen of Style, Mrs Jumoke Oyeneyin opened her luxury fabric shop “Jummhy Exclusive” in Lekki Phase 1 over a year ago, her brand has become a brand name among many super rich Nigeria celebrity women both home and abroad who love to rock Luxury HOH Lace to stand out.

Her store located at Lekki Phase 1 is always a beehive of activities on daily basis with many coming to pick for themselves while come to pick for friends and relatives abroad who always want to rock her HOH lace for either birthday shoots, burial or special occasions. To say that she is a game charger as far as HOH is concerned will be an understatement as many love and crave to be associated with the premium brand.

Of course there are many reasons why many celebrities rush to Jummhy Exclusive ever since the store was declared open. Mrs Jumoke Oyeneyin has always been a style icon and fashion pacesetter. She has carved a niche for herself and her style are so spectacular and uncommon. Many had always loved her fashion sense and craved to be like her even before she declared the store open.

So beautiful and well-dressed is Jumoke Oyeneyin that whenever she steps out to a party she usually looks smashing and stunning in her outfits. How will Jumoke Oyeneyin turn up for your party and heads will not turn in her direction? This is because she is always gorgeous and glamourously dressed. Her unrepeated collections of Luxury jewellery always complement her attire. Many society women both home and abroad always love her high fashion taste in fabrics, shoes, purses, makeup and jewellery.

This was few of the many reasons why society women of style and panache were so happy when she declared her luxury fabric store Jummhy Exclusive Laces, opened a year ago and ever since then, she has raised the bar so high.

The luxury shop, which is situated in Victoria Island, Lagos was not only a beehive of activities, but a call point for many rich celebrity women of style who have always admired her style come to shop from her.

Why do celebrity women buy HOH from her? Speaking with a top Lagos celebrity woman who doesn’t want her name mentioned, she revealled that she has always admired Mrs Jumoke Oyeneyin’s fashion sense and when she opened her shop over a year ago, I automatically switched over to her store for all my HOH lace. For me, it is a better way to know how to combine my attire to befit my event. She also has this unique collections of HOH. Her colour combinations are so rare and unique. Have you visited her page to see her amazing collections? She also always wear HOH and teach us how to rock it with hour jewellery. This has made me to switched to her brand, she revealled

Another Lagos celeb babe also revealed that one of the reasons she always patronises Jummhy Exclusive is becuase of her caption. “Learnt she read mass communication and the way she will caption your post will make you want to come again. Her descriptive skills is second to none such that you will be proud to be associated with her brand. I have not only ended up buying from her, I had to use her makeup artist too. There is no way you won’t want to be associated with Jummhy Exclusive Fabrics.

Don’t forget that Jummhy Exclusive may just be less than 2 years but it has been in existence for over 18 to 21 years.

Mrs Jumoke Oyeneyin has been selling fabrics for over 20 years, but it was unknown to a lot of people.

According to her “Maybe, it is because I source all the fabrics myself. So sourcing to sell is nothing to me. In fact, that is how I started selling fabrics. This is because when I source myself, I know it looks beautiful, I could sell and because most exclusive fabrics are limited in the collection, so sometimes, the lace fabrics are just in 1, 2 pieces or maximum of 4. Sometimes because I know this rule and know the terrain, I am at an advantage.

So, when I see fabrics that are just for 2 persons, I am like why not buy the second one. I ended up having an extra one or 2 here and there. If people then tell me this is nice, I tell them I have it to sell. So, it has always been a passion, I am passion-driven”.

Mrs. Jumoke Oyeneyin revealed that “Every woman wants to stand out and be stylish and you know how we women behave sometimes. You want to go to parties and you don’t want the next woman to know what you want to wear and before you can achieve that, it means it has to be something that is not common or everywhere, so that brings about the luxury part of it. Luxury is all about exclusiveness. It has to be exclusive to be luxury.

They both go hand in hand and before it could be exclusive, it must be a little bit pricey. So, it all works together”.

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