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How Ladies Can Cure Their Acne Problem By CityPeople Skincare Specialist, Adetutu Ashiru

Follow who know road when going for a journey, this is because it would be easier for the person to explain better to you where there will be loopholes, when the road will be free and how best to pass that road.


Like I always say, experience is the best teacher in life. This is a journey I have passed through that made me create a "passion for skincare". I usually have sleepless night because a flawless skin is what I desire and everybody out there.

 There was time acne decided to build a duplex on my face and was living comfortably, leaving me frustrated. OMG!! It wasn't an easy journey for me at all. In as much as I love pictures, during those periods I didn't even snap cos it was horrible looking at the mirror talk less of having such on my phone and making me cry. I had to take the one I took just for a day like this cos I know it would be a thing of the past.


I was totally frustrated

It denied me a lot...But the most important thing is, I fought the battle till I won.


The first thing I did was;


I studied my skin closely and was able to figure out what triggers it.

I stopped using fragrance soap on my face, I refrained from using soap meant for the body on my face, and even the one I formulated myself. That was when I discovered my skin is super sensitive. It reacts immediately to what doesn't suit it.


The blemish control black soap I posted in the video was what I specially formulated for acne and other facial blemishes. The soap helped my face a whole lot and it's a very natural and mild soap.


I had to cut down on some foods and drink water more (Hydration is key when fighting a battle like this).


I avoid the sun as much as I could cos I was able to detect it triggers my acne the more.


In as much as I love fries, It wasn't helping me at all. I by all means avoided it.


I control how I put my hand on my face and stopped people from doing such. (My face is extremely sensitive and it requires me or anyone to wash hands thoroughly before touching me).


I stopped exfoliation at that period cos I discovered the more I scrubbed my face the more the acne keeps popping out. What I did was I masked more.


I detoxified

I formulated cleansers without preservatives nor fragrances.


During this journey, I discovered there were special oils for the face as we can’t leave the face to be too dry, it will produce excess sebum on its own which won't be good for the face at all. That was when I made that special face moisturizer for blemishes which was made with lightweight oils (Yes, I fed my face with oils despite having oily skin).


My face cream did wonders in clearing those acne scars!


Ride with us!!

You will never be alone.


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