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Why Popular Lagos Female Singer, Tosin Alaba Is In Hot Demand


Tells CityPeople Her Success Story

Have you heard about a beautiful singer, Tosin Alaba (Alambus) whose services are in hot demand? Have you heard about the Bel canto band? If you have not, let's tell you about this pretty lady and her band.

She is currently making waves in Lagos. She is beautiful. She is stunning. She is stylish. And she sings so well. She is also a great entertainer. She has got good stagecraft. No wonder she has become a hot-cake on the music scene. Right now, she is the artiste of choice for many celebrities. They all want her to perform at their events.

What is the secret of her success? What is her story? She recently told CityPeople Publisher, Seye Kehinde her story. It is very interesting. Below are excerpts..

.How did you start your career in music? You have been singing for how many years now?

Music has always been a part of my journey through life because I basically started singing from a tender age specifically at the age of Nine in my local church choir. However, I started singing professionally 8 years ago.

Were you a member of any group before you started yours?

Yes, I was. I had worked with a couple of Bands and Artistes in Lagos and some other states in Nigeria. Some of them include Lagbaja, The Eboni Band,  Prudence Band, De-Eminent Band, Toyosi Akinya Band, just to mention a few.

Tell us about where you were born and where you grew up?

I was born in Lagos State, Ikeja to be precise, but I grew up in Ogun State and later moved back to Lagos state after my graduation from the University.

Tell us about schools attended?

My primary school education was in Mabinuori Montessori Primary School in Ijebu Ode. While my Secondary School education was at Anglican Girls Grammar School Ijebu Ode and Goodnews High school Ibadan respectively. Then I proceeded to Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife where I bagged my degree in Music.

How did you now decide to go into music?

Having discovered my talent in Music and the joy and fulfillment I derive from it. I decided to do Music professionally. However, my Dad was also a major part of me taking the bold step to do  Music professionally, he encouraged and supported me.

Why did you call your band bel canto band?

Actually, "Bel-Canto" is a musical term that means "Beautiful Voices" And my band BHELCANTO started as an all Female vocal band, however, even after recruiting a male vocalist, I decided to stick with the name to retain the identity of the brand.

Are you married? Do you have kids?

Yes, I am happily married.

You are a fine lady. How do you cope with male advances from time to time?

Thanks for the compliment(smile). As a professional, I'm only interested in males that patronises my trade, and always draw the line between work and fantasies because i realize that for any Lady to attain her desired height, she has to be serious with achieving her goal and not be distracted by male advances.

 What is your relationship with other Juju music artistes?

Generally, I try to maintain a good relationship with my colleagues in the Industry. I've always seen other great juju musicians as Mentors.

What kind of music do you sing?

 I do "Polysytlistic" music,  which means "All genre of music" that includes Juju, hip hop, Jazz, RandB, fuji, highlife, etc.

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  1. She has an angelic tongue in music also she is an entertainer