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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

BREAKING: Popular Celebrity Woman, Lola Adefusika Reveals How She Feels Turning 60


As you read this, beautiful lady of Style Omolola Adefusika is in a happy mood.It's her birthday on Monday 7th June 2021.She will be spending it in the US with her children who she likes calling "my young adults."

How does she feel at 60? What is on her mind as she counts down ? A few days back,she told Citypeople how she feels.

How do I feel??


"Wow! I feel good. Elated. Great.

60 is not a joke o!

I feel fulfilled training all my children and enjoying the fruits of my labour with a seat down dinner with friends paid for by my them."

"Nothing makes you more happier getting compliments from family amd friends what a great job I did alone, going 24 years."

"I lost my darling husband.

 Going down memory lane I have cause to be thankful to God almighty o!

Only HE could have been there watching our back. Hmnnn!

Not been easy raising four young well behaved adults who have the fear of God.

Excitement galore."




"You want to know my state of mind,as I turn 60 ?

"Looking forward to carrying all my grandchildren at Gods time amd to continue putting smiles on faces of widows and the less privileged, which I have been doing and more of to celebrate my 60th. "

"There is nothing like being truly happy and contented. Seeing people around me happy too".

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