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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Celebrating Gallery TV CEO, Mercy Alexander,The Lady Jagaban.


There is this beautiful lady who is currently making waves in the Media/PR space. She is Mercy Alexander. She is a jovial and easygoing lady who is doing so well in her business. City people had a chat with her a few days ago and she revealed a lot about her success story. Many call her Lady Jagaban because she is a goal-getter.She is a great achiever and an accomplished lady. She is also a no-nonsense lady who does not suffer fools gladly."Yes, I know people call me different names based on what they've seen me achieve or going by my relationship with them. Some call me the Lady Jagaban, and if you ask them why, you'd hear stories like "you're very active when you step into something, you make beautiful things happen and all that."


"Others call me Boss Lady, because I have quite a number of both ad-hoc staff and my personal staff. Almost everywhere I get to, they give me names. When I moved to my new Estate, everyone around, began to call me Big-Bigger-Biggest. And it became very popular, so much so that when you are coming to my house, all you need do is to just tell the security at the Estate gate you're going to Big-Bigger-Biggest house, directly. They would lead you. But look at me am I big? I am not more than this, God has always been my support."

Where is she from?

"I am from Delta State and I currently live in Lagos.

My upbringing story is a long story that this piece wouldn't contain; I have had my fair share in bitterness and sweetness of life."



"I am just a Lady God helps. I have been through a lot. I've been on the street since when I was just 4 years, despite the fact that my father was well to do, but there are times when enemies have the privilege of seeing the future before you, the owner. So, no matter who or where you come from, if the devil sees your future, he works hard, even harder to deprive you of that joy."


"My story is a very touching one, but glory to God, I don't look like what I've been through.God has been so helpful and faithful."

What does she do?

"I am a full time media practitioner and consultant. I own D'Gallery online TV and I have quite a number of legally accepted 'side hustle'. There's nothing you want to do, so far it's a business and a legal one, I am available."

How does she unwind?

"I love going out, especially to top-class events, within and outside the country."


"I love making friends and meeting positive minded individuals."


"When I am not in my office, or in the field, I'd be in my house or Church.I don't do clubbing or sit idle, I am always doing something."


"I love worshipping and sowing to the house of God because if it's about enemies' plan, by now, I'd have been below the earth but God's love and passion is the reason I am alive. In fact, I do tell my staff that anytime I stop worshipping God, He (God) should take my life. I don't joke with God."

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