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Solution Media and Infotech Ltd is a foremost hi-tech multimedia company in Nigeria. It’s emergence in the Nigerian entertainment scene came to change the face of the industry. Today, the company is a force to reckon with as it renders services of world class standard to clients.

On Friday June 11, 2021, the company organized a Gala Night to celebrate its 10th anniversary of corporate existence. The celebration was a night to remember as the event was graced by men and women of substance in the society. 

The celebration was held in the Julianah Memorial Hall, an elegant edifice situated at the popular Hi-Impact Planet ground in Ibafo, Ogun state. Citypeople crew was at the event. Below is a detailed account of activities at the celebration.

Popular Hi-Impact Planet Amusement park along the Lagos/Ibadan Expressway in Ibafo was the venue for the Gala Night. As at 5pm of the day, the stage was already set for the glamorous event to unfold. Few minutes later, there was a massive arrival of guests and dignitaries all looking elegant in their outfits. They approached the well prepared red carpet where they took pictures and spoke to the press about the event, the organizers, and their expectations. Some guests stayed back at the corridor of the hall to enjoy the serenity of the atmosphere around. 
By past 7pm, the hall was almost filled to the brim with some guests embracing one another, singing, and dancing to the classic music waxed by the Disk Jockey of the event. 

The event began with Prof. Fola Abowaba who committed the programme in the hand of God. This was followed by introduction of distinguished guests at the event. The national anthem of Nigeria was sung while the entire hall stood in regards to their dear country. Other sequence of the programme which made the night a remarkable one includes Comedian/DJ’s display, the MD’s welcome address, chairman’s Speech, SMIL’s Documentary, cutting of the cake, and other fun-filled activities. All these lit up the night.

The executive governor of Ogun State, Prince Dapo Abiodun ably represented by the Honourable Commissoner  for Culture and Tourism, Dr. Taiwo Emmanuel Oluwatoyin. Also present were former governor of Ogun state, Otunba Gbenga Daniel; former and first female speaker of Ogun State House of Assembly, Titi Oseni Gomez and her husband; Deputy Chief of Staff to President Buhari, Ade Ipaye; Senior Special Assistant to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, Yosola Akinbi; SSG to Ogun State Government, Prof.Adegbemi Onakoya; Honourable Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy in Ogun state, Afolabi Afuwape; Retired AIG, Tunji Alapini; Prof. and Mrs. Ogunsanwo, Alhaja Osamat Badru; Mr. And Mrs. Kayode Samuel; Pastor Joseph Adeyo Kunu; Prof. and Mrs. Okunsanya, Mrs. Dele Giwa; Prof.Folagbade Abowaba, veteran broadcaster and actor, Yemi Shodimu; and star actress Ireti Osayomi.


I have the rare priviledge and honour on behalf of the management and staff of Solution Media and Infotech of welcoming you to this epoch event, commemorating the 10th anniversary of the founding of Solution Media And Infotech. I feel extremely happy indeed to stand before you this evening. As I looked back at that day just like yesterday, my brother Prince Adeyanju, the chairman and CEO and I sat down to discuss what we can do differently. I have had one or two occasions where politicians asked me why I don’t want my brother to continue with politics. This is one of them and I’m sure Otunba Gbenga Daniel is listening. We sat down that day and we said look, let us do something differently, let’s be innovative, let’s have something that is our own and let’s keep away from the corridors of politics. And that’s what you are seeing in today’s Solution media. By the grace of the Almighty and like the mustard seed planted that has germinated into a big tree, the discussions and shared dreams of that day have grown and given birth to Hi-Impact Rigging, the foremost company in sound, stage and light; Hi-Impact Planet Amusement park and Resort, Nigeria’s biggest amusement park and the biggest in the world of Black Africa; Hi-Impact Television, the first yet the only fully High Definition television in Nigeria, Hi-Impact cruise which is also the biggest commercial cruise ship in Nigeria which was launched October 1st, 2020. Solution media is a fully Nigeria entertainment and tourism company and I make bold to say that the services we render in all our companies are comparable to anywhere in the world as we have already exposed our staff to trainings in countries where the industry’s best practices are available. In the cause of our ten years of existence, we have flown the Nigerian flags both in the United Emirate and in the UK where great artists of both Nigerian and African decent performed to the admiration of the world at the World Musical Concert. In 2013/2014, we organized an event tagged “Hi-Impact for creative kids” while kids from Lagos and Ogun all going about 6000 from both private schools and public schools, Primary and secondary were hosted under our big tenth on may 27th; the Children’s Day to showcase their talents. Winners of this event were rewarded and as a matter of fact had the rare opportunity of traveling outside Nigeria. Some of them did not even have the opportunity of being in a plane talk-less of flying out of this country.  For us we are yet to get there. We are not unmindful of the business climate in the country, but we are confident and hopeful that with the right attitude and determination, the future looks bright. So at 10, calling our friends to thank God is a thing we feel we should do. On behalf of the chairman, management and Staff, I want to once again welcome you as we look forward to another decade of excellence. I say thank you, God bless you! You are welcome! 


Let me welcome you all, thank you for coming to honour and celebrate our own Prince Yanju Lipede A.K.A Solution. I feel very happy and excited about our association and a decade later I’m happy with what you have done. We had a challenge back in those days and we thought part of what we needed to do was to change the colour of the political participants. I think through my speaker prince Lipede was head hunted to come and add value to the premier local government, Abeokuta South local Government. He came in and became our chairman. In Prince Yanju Lipede we probably had one of the best chairmen of any local government not only in Ogun state. But it confounded me because it’s very unusual to have a very successful politician. He brought all the private sectors, know-how to governance. We were very excited and we wanted to promote him but with the collusion of his brother the Managing Director of this organization, there’s nothing that we did not do to lure him to be our governor but he declined because he said he has another love. And that love is what has become the solution media of today. I wasn’t happy at that time, I must confess, I went looking for him at Ilupeju. I sat him down, I pleaded with him but he just couldn’t bulge. Somebody told me that the only person who can convince him is his brother. I went looking for his brother and it was even worse. I now knew where the problem was so I finally gave up. But I’m excited today because he has proven all skeptics wrong and he has proven to everybody that even though he did well in government, he could do much better in sector and that’s why we are here today. I have the course to come here at the beginning when this place started and I felt Nigeria has this place, our own mini Disney land. Everything worked perfectly and I just want to encourage you (facing Prince Yanju) because what I asked when I came here was how did you managed with COVID and the challenge of security, location and so on. But Yanju re-assured me that the worst is over. Then I said are all the equipment working perfectly and he said they are all working perfectly. And if he’s going to do it, he has no doubt that better times are here. Aside that I have seen a group of companies; solution this solution that and recently I saw a cruise. I was going on the Marina I saw a cruise and I said this is Hi-Impact. I then called him what are you doing again so he told me that it something new that has come. I think he has been able to create a conglomerate in the entertainment and the tourist industries. Our country Nigeria is a great country and there are so many areas that we have not explored. When people talk about some of the biggest powers of the world, France is usually mentioned. Many people do not know that the biggest income earning venture in France is tourism. I have had the opportunity of traveling round this country and I have seen so many potentials. I know that one fine day, we will break-lose and when we break lose, the ideas that prince Lipede has brought will blossom. It has already blossomed I’m sure it will blossom more. What I just want to do is to encourage you today is to plead with our efficient governor and I want our commissioner to relay this to him. The responsibility that government has is to facilitate and support businesses. Please let the governor know that the road that leads to this place can be done by OGPWA. It’s a short stretch and not more than 200 metres. I think it would help. Please remind the Governor that I have said so and I’m sure he would do it. Very distinguished ladies and gentlemen, it’s not a night of speeches. I want to really sit and enjoy myself. Congratulation Prince and congratulations to all of you!

Nnwoka Daniel Chibuzor popularly known as Dan D’Humorous is one of the brightest comedians from the southern part Nigeria. The Port Harcourt born and bred was highly thrilling as everyone in the hall got their ribs cracked with laugh outbursts due to his contemporary jokes and gist.


This is another moment that cut the attention of many of the guests present. It was the cutting of the cake marking the 10th anniversary of the organization. The cake was a massive one. It was specially designed to accommodate all the services rendered by the company. It has different sections for Hi-Impact planet, Hi-Impact TV, Hi-Impact Riggings, and Hi-Impact Cruise all on a single but giant cake. Distinguished guest were called to participate in the cutting of the cake after which the chairman took pictures with the distinguished guests, followed by members of staff and associates.

By Jamiu Abubakar

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