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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

How Stunning Beauty, Olanike Olawoyin Dazzled @ The 2021 CityPeople Fashion Awards


Olanike Olawoyin is a stunning beauty blessed with Dazzling looks. When this Lagos Celebrity Lady sashayed into the venue of this years CityPeople fashion and Beauty Awards, all heads immediately turned in her direction, on account of her Stunning red evening dress. She looked sweet. She is blessed with this show-stopping figure and a cherubic face that makes many look to at her admiringly over and over again.

Not only is she always gorgeously dressed, she carries whatever she wears with a lot of panache and confidence that only a few ladies exhibit.

She loves fashion. She loves dressing well. And she has been in love with looking good for very many years. She is one person who pays attention to her looks. And she surely turns heads at parties.

We almost forgot to tell you about her lovely skin that glows. She also wears this permanent smile that shows her snow-white teeth.

No wonder, when she was called out to receive her award that Sunday, for her remarkable fashion style, many were not surprised at all.

They all feel she deserves such an award, on account of her elegance and Style.

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