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She has always been a style icon. Over the last 2 decades or so, Lagos society lady, Chief Mrs. Sade Balogun has been making Style statements on the Lagos social scene. Anytime you see her, she is always Glamorously & Gorgeously attired. She knows what fits her beautiful physique and she goes for it. She dresses appropriately. And she is blessed with a full figure and an imposing height that makes anything she wears sit well on her.

She is one of the stylish women City People honoured at the last 2021 City People Fashion & Beauty Award held on Sunday 30th May 2021.

How does she feel getting a Style Icon Award from City People Magazine we asked her?

“Well, I must say I feel elated and I feel very happy because it is coming from City People Magazine which is one of the best society magazines that I know of. I have appeared quite a few times in your magazine, but to be honored this way is by the Grace of God.  This is a great honour. I thank you so much”.

How did she cultivate her fashion style?

“I think it all started since I was small because my mother usually referred to me as The fashionista of the house. I will always put things together and it will look nice.”

How and where did she grow up?

“I was born in Lagos when I was a year old, I was taken to Kano, I came back to Lagos at the age of 6 and I attended school in Ebute-Metta, then I later went to London. I did my secondary school in London. I also attended a Technical School in London. I went on to the University over there, before I came back to Nigeria to study Law. After Law School, I worked as an in-house lawyer for City Trust Investment”.

She is very sociable. How did her love for society evolve?

“The social part of me actually evolved from City People Magazine actually. I have always been in London but one day I came home and I got a call from a friend of mine asking if I was in Nigeria, after seeing me in one of the editions of City People Magazine. I found it interesting. I became excited to come back to Nigeria. But I kept on seeing myself and I liked it”.

How has her social life been since her 60th birthday a few years back?

“My 60th birthday had a good turnout. There was a tremendous turnout. All the people I invited came. It was neat and classy. So I liked it. It was a family kind of event. So it was not overcrowded. I have been good and God has been good to me since then”. I am over 60 now”.

What is the secret of her good looks?

“There is not much of a secret. But I believe that I have been blessed by my mother. My mother was a pretty woman who liked fashion and that rubbed off on me. I keep saying my mother was prettier than me. I also love style and fashion and I also love doing my things in a unique way so I guess that is what keeps me going. People look forward to what I wear when next they see me”.

What is her advice for young ladies, in terms of fashion?

“With the children of today, now, it is very difficult, because fashion is for everyone. It is hard to see people who are different in their ways of dressing, so I try to advise the young ones to always look unique. If not, their looks will become a norm and then it will become like a uniform when everyone is doing the same thing because when they see someone in a particular type of shirt, they want that same shirt. So let us try to be different and always look unique.”


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