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Lagos Fashion Designer, Mrs Wura Adepoju, CEO VIGOLD Fashion House Speaks On The Opening Of Her New LEKKI Outlet


On July 10, 2021 a lot of stylish women will be attending the opening of the new Lekki outlet of VIGOLD Fashion in Lagos. VIGOLD is one of the leading fashion houses in Nigeria, owned by the award-winning fashion designer, Mrs. Wura Adepoju.

A few days ago, she told CityPeople Publisher, Seye Kehinde, the success secrets of her brand. Below are excerpts...

Congratulations on the Grand Opening of your new outlet in Lekki. Tell us about it.

Thank you very much. Well about Vigold like most people know it’s a brand that has existed for over 23 years. We have been in Okota for those years and we needed expansion because we have a lot of people who yearn to have the kind of unique practical Fashion training we give, and since we have a fashion school already on the mainland we decided to give the island people a branch of the school and also our customers to be able to access our classic evergreen designs which we are known for

How many outlets do you have now?

We have two outlets now, in Okota and Lekki Lagos. Looking forward to more branches in other states as people yearn for the kind of practical fashion training, we give and also love our classic designs

Tell us about the success story and staying power of Vigold

Wow… the success story of Vigold is God’s grace, so much hard work and never giving up. We started with just one staff in 1998 and it’s been one challenge or the other but I am one person that never gives up, I am extremely persistent and most importantly passionate with whatever I do. Fashion is my passion and I give it my very all in the face of whatever challenge that comes my way

What has kept you going? How have you survived competition?

What has made me relevant for this long is hard work, being consistent, never giving up and most importantly the kind of designs we do at Vigold. Like I said fashion is a passion for me. I do it so effortlessly, you see I always say when u do what u love, it’s always as if you are not working at all. I love what I do, it’s so part of me. About competition, fashion is all over now and everyone is doing fashion or selling clothes, even we at Vigold we train students every time and they go-ahead to set up their own fashion houses, which I am so proud of but I have been able to stay on top of my game because of the reasons, I gave you earlier.

Also, our designs at Vigold are so different from what you see everywhere, our trademark is our evergreen designs which is so different from what u see all around, most designers are into clothes that are in trend, designs that are in vogue that you will wear for sometimes and in few years you dare not wear them again. But you see I have carved a niche for myself, what we produce at Vigold are designs that stand the test of time, most of the designs I created 20years ago are being redesigned now by a lot of designers and they are irresistible, that’s a joy for me. We don’t do trends at Vigold but timeless outfits, this has kept us going and has made our customers stay glued here, especially the matured minds.

How did you end up in fashion? How did you become a fashion designer?

Fashion has always been my first love, I grew up around the most creative woman I have ever known, my mum, Fehintola of blessed memories. She was a seamstress and extremely creative, though we were not allowed into her fashion house then because she will always tell us to go and read our books but then my eyes and love have been on that craft. I will always go and hide and cut papers into beautiful dresses and all. So I have always loved fashion and it’s been my choice of career ever since I was young, so it’s not an accident that I am here

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