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London Celebrity Lady, Olabisi Obaleye Reflects on the Joys of Turning 50


Olabisi Obaleye is 50 and everybody is celebrating her online. All her friends have sent her congratulatory messages. She has now stepped up to the 5th floor like they say.

Let's tell you a little about her. She is a very beautiful and hardworking lady who lives in London with her beautiful family.

As she turned 50 today,Citypeople asked her how she feels and what is on her mind."I am happy, "she says.

I really don't feel 50

I have been trying to reminisce...I can't remember that I have come that far

I thank God for his Grace and Mercy.  His Love brought me this far.

What makes her feel happy at 50?

"A lot, when I had some challenges earlier this year!, I begged God to spare my life and He did,"she explained.

I am fulfilled seeing my children. My daughter had wanted to have a particular career since she was 12. I thank God for making it possible

She is doing well in her chosen career

My sons are doing well too

I am happy that I can look after my aged mum in her old age

She has a hardworking mum she looks up to.She lives in ilesha."She has been an entrepreneur since before I was born",Olabisi explained.

"She is 83 and still runs her factory she started in 1979 by herself with minimal support".

She is the CEO of Yinka Oba Foam in Ilesha.

She is one of the highest private employers of labour in Osun state, if not in the entire South-West.

She has over 400 employees.

How about Olabisi herself? She is well read.She studied in the UK.

She studied Biochemistry and Nursing.

I have a Masters in Biochemistry.

I studied mental health Nursing here,in the UK,she explained.

I am a forensic mental health practitioner in London

We also noticed that she is very stylish in her dressing,but not loud.

What informs what she wears ?

"I wear what suits my body shape.I don't like drawing attention to myself on a good day,"she adds.Citypeople wishes her a Happy birthday.

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