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Why Many Celebrities Want Funmi (Phumzee) To Perform @ Their Parties


This is the story of a beautiful singer & entertainer who is currently the rave of the moment in Lagos. It is the story of Funmi Oladayo, who is popularly called Phumzee by her fans and friends 

This pretty and elegant lady is the musician celebrities are calling to perform at their event and parties.

This because she is good at what she does. She sings well and she has good stage craft. And she sings all genre of music from Juju, to highlife, to Hiphop, to Fuji and many more. And she dances so well.

She is also very, very humble and she is quick at kneeling down to greet her elders even whilst praise singing them. This is the result of her good upbringing. And when she hails an elderly person by calling the person's name,she immediately apologises for doing so.

She is blessed with a sonorous voice and an attractive personality. Recently, Funmi told Citypeople Publisher, Seyekehinde her story. Below are excerpts.


Tell us about Phumzee ....

 Olufunmi Comfort Oladayo is a  30-year old lady. She is a native of Oyo State, Ogbomoso precisely. She is based in Lagos.


When did you start singing?

Hmmm.... Honestly, I've been singing right from my mummy's belly... Lol.I started singing in the junior Choir in my church back then at the age of 5.


Yes, I played with various artists at various times....like the likes of Empress Seun Aransiola, Jide Sticks.Many a times, I went to watch Aunty Titi Oguntoyinbo at clubs where she played years back.

 But the first band I played with in my life is 'Voice of David Band' of Ayodele Ajiboye ( Agbaoye)


When did you set up your band The Harmonic Tunes Musical Band?

That was in the year 2006


What kind of music do you sing?

I sing all genres of music. The type of music I sing at any given event depends on the nature of the event. For instance, if I have an official event, I'll have a perpetual kinda band .


Where was she born? Where did she grow  up?

I was born in Ogbomoso, and I was brought to Lagos immediately after my Christening .I was raised and bred in Lagos. Schooling started  from St Jude's Nursery School (Ebute-meta) to Christ Church, U.N.A. School, Odunfa, Ebute-metta, then to Herbert Macaulay Junior High School, then to Aiyetoro Senior High School Okobaba (ebute meta), then Yaba College of Technology, where I studied Mass Communication.

Are you married or single??

I am not married, but not single. I am blessed with 2 kids.

How does she juggle all her roles?

God's been helping me in my responsibilities as a mother, yet a busy songstress.

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