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Why Many Stylish Ladies Don’t Joke With Ejiro Moses


Ejiro Moses is one of the best fashion designers in Nigeria today. She is in hot demand by a lot of stylish ladies. But she doesn’t make noise about it. She is one of those who allow her work to speak for her. She runs Eejay fashion, which has become the brand many stylish ladies go for now.


They don’t joke with her. This is because she is good at what she does. She is not only Creative with her designs, she has a way of making her clients look like a Queen. “Many women have come to know us for our party wears,” she told City People a few days back. Truly so.


Many stylish ladies don’t joke with eejayfashion because she is good at her designs. She does unique designs that sit well on her ladies, irrespective of their body shapes and sizes. “My clients have become so dependent on me, so much so that they live me to create styles for them. Once they give me their expensive fabrics, I come up with the design that will look good on them. The look of each person decides the style that I will come up with”, she told City People.


Many of her clients often commend her for having an eye for details. They say she pays attention to details. She does a lot with fabrics. She does Owambe & Aso Ebi outfits. She does Bridal & Birthday wears. She does Ready-To-Wear. She does Simple casuals. She does 2nd dresses for weddings. She designs dramatic pencil dresses. She does flair and peplon dresses.


She is very versatile. Most women love the drama she puts into her designs. “I love to inject a lot of drama into my designs,” she reveals. “I am always busy creating new styles. Fashion is about Creativity, about being creative. You need to keep creating new styles. You need to do a lot of creative designs to attract the attention of your clients. That is why, I am always doing Photoshoots monthly, to showcase the new creative designs that we have.”

“I enjoy fashion a lot. That is what keeps me going. I love to dress up and take photos. I appreciate my customers. They have come to trust my judgement, in terms of designs. They simply give me their fabrics to design. Most times the fabrics decide the pattern I make. I create a style for them, depending on the look of the person. I enjoy fashion a lot. That is what keeps me going”.


Based on her creative designs, she has won over 5 awards, from 2018 to date. They include The Best Fashion design award, Most Outstanding Fashion Designer Award, Fashion Entrepreneur of The Year Award, Fashion Brand of the Year Award, 2020 Most Creative Fashion Designer of The Year Award and many more.


Ejiro Christiana Moses is a beautiful lady who is blessed with a naturally flawless skin that glows. We commend her. She can be reached on IG on eejayfashion_official or on 08053788394 (whatsapp only).

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  1. You are doing amazingly great dear. My number 1 designer anytime. Keep soaring! Love you ❤❤❤