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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Why More & More Celebrities Are Going For Herbs


Have you noticed that many people are now going for herbs?Have you also noticed that even  many celebrities prefer herbs to orthodox medicine.

Ashabi Alagbo told Citypeople this a few days ago.Ashabi, whose real name is Oyindamola  Fijabi sells herbs.She says there has been a major increase in the demand for herbs these days.And she says  business has been good because of the good results her customers are getting.

She is one of the leading Agbo sellers in Lagos and she is well patronised by many because of the instant results they get.

She sells Hypertension herbs,

Typhoid herbs,

Arthritis herbs,

Weak erection herbs,

Low sperm count herbs,

Diabetics herbs,

Slimming herbs,

Body and joint pain herbs,

Man power herbs, and

Pile herbs.

What is her advice to those suffering from various ailments in silence?"They should speak up.They should go for appropriate herbs,"she says.

"I advise them to speak out, because Africa has got a lot to offer when it has to do with herbal products.It’s just that we don’t realise how blessed we are.There is herbs for Cancer, fibroid, diabetes etc but we like to go to abroad for all our ailment which is not too good for our health and our economy."

 "I could remember a client telling me that he’s got some rashes trying to form a circle around his check. He went to the hospital in Uk because he lives over there.They gave him creams to rub, that it’s just rashes, but the pains and co still persist. He called me and I told him it’s a spiritual arrow and i sent him some syrup to use. Under 3 days he got healed.You can now imagine if he kept using the creams without looking for an African solution,i am sure he would be dead by now."

How did she develop interest in  Herbs? She explained the reason to Citypeople.

"My ex couldn’t perform well in bed,so I had to keep searching for  the solution, until i found the perfect one. Then, I wanted to travel in 2017 so I ask my friends over there that what could I sell because am actually an entrepreneur. I sell anything legit to make money. Then ,I made my research and got good herbs and took it abroad. And I sold all and made so much gain.Then, I decided to work more on the herbs and till date am into the business."

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