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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Celebrating Beautiful US Based Ambassador Adejoke Oluwaahindara Oyewole

This beautiful woman is a role model to many other women. Her life is inspirational Her story is worth reading and learning from. That is why she is worth celebrating.

"I was born to the family of Mr & Mrs Victor & Victoria Oyewole on the Fifth of August 1961," she told CityPeople magazine."I was born in Ondo City, Ondo State of Nigeria. My father was a politician and the former headmaster of Saint Stephen's primary school in Ondo, while my mother was a humble and gentle woman, a trader till her last breath.

 We were 3 girls in the family and I am the last born. I was born and bred in Odosida, in Ondo city. Our house is on the same street with the palace and that is why our EULOGY is LISHIDA BEJIOBA that means we are the first to wake up and see the king."

 "I attended Saint Stephen's primary school for my elementary and Ondo High School in Ondo, for my Secondary Education and later proceeded to Adeyemi College of Education for my Degree. I came to Lagos to join my sister in the year 1981, I started working as a clerical assistant with the Federal Ministry of Finance in Tinubu Lagos.

 I taught in various schools in Lagos State, Maidan Primary School, Bishop Howells Primary school before I eventually started a school in Ikorodu ( COMPETENT NURSERY & PRIMARY SCHOOL). Today, some call me Aunty Competent. Some call me mummy School and many called me BHAPPY.

       I got married in 1982, although I wasn't ready for marriage then. But as fate would have it, I got married and I am blessed with children. My marriage wasn't palatable because I got married early without any experience, I didn't know the definition of the word MARRIAGE at the time I got involved in marriage.

Thank God for my beautiful children. I started my journey all by myself without any assistance from anyone singlehandedly. In the year 2002, I was invited to the US by my niece, Mrs Tinu Adenodi-Matthews during her wedding. I got to America on the 21st of September 2002 and I didn't go back to Nigeria until September 2010.

 I attended the American School of Nursing Edison New Jersey where I obtained a certificate in LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSING (LPN)...I worked in various facilities in America as Lpn. Presently, I work with people with disabilities and autistic patients in Houston Texas. I have 4 beautiful grandchildren and still expecting more by His grace.

 My life is full of abundant grace. I've gone through so many obstacles, but today, I thank God that where others failed, I received Grace.....I can not write my biography today without mentioning my group FUN, RELATIONSHIP and MARRIAGE with Adejoke B happy OLUWASHINDARA.....I created this group in order to have fun and let people know much about RELATIONSHIP and MARRIAGE before they involve themselves. This group was created on the 14th of February 2020."

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