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LONDON Beauty Therapist, Makeup & Gele Specialist, Juliet Esiri Talks About Her New Life @ 50

This is good news for all those who are close to Juliet Esiri. Let us tell you why. This London-based beauty expert is 50. And expectedly, she is excited about it. Who won't be? She has lived fulfilling 50years.The birthday girl looks for 50. She is 50 and fabulous. And in the last 50 years, a lot has changed about her. Interestingly, a lot has also not changed.

For instance, she is still a stunning beauty @ 50. She is still stylish. She is still the good old Juliet. She is still frank. She is still nice, but firm. She does not suffer fools gladly.

We can also tell you authoritatively that she is single again, having put her troubled marriage behind her. As she turns 50, Juliet is happy that she has closed that chapter of her life.

When CityPeople spoke to her a few days ago, she expressed how happy she is to hit the Golden age. "I am happy I am 50", she said. "It is a thing of joy."

"I feel younger and ready to explore the world."

"So funny. I can't even believe it."

What has changed about you as you turn 50? What has not changed?

Hummmmm.. I think now, I don't feel I owe anyone any explanation about how I want to live my life. I use to care about how people feel about me.  But at 50! Am still myself in other aspects of life. Will always be me Juliet Esiri.

Are you happy and fulfilled?

I am so happy and grateful to the Almighty Lord. Looking back I just want to thank God for the privilege to be here in the land of the living.

Do you miss life in Ibadan?

I miss life in Ibadan. I used to believe Ibadan is the coolest place growing up. Hahaha.

I grew up in Ibadan, Abeokuta, Ijebu Ode.... waoooo.

Where did you school?

I actually attended a lot of schools, this was because my late dad was a policeman, so we changed our schools a lot. I attended AGGS Abeokuta and Our Lady of Apostles Secondary School Odo Ona, Ibadan.  Later I travelled to the UK.

Where is Juliet from?

I am an origin of Delta State, from the Aristocratic family of the Esiri of Oria Abraka. Am a proud Urhobo girl.

What lesson has life taught you at 50????

With the wisdom I gained by turning 50, I decided I wanted less drama in my life. To focus more on productive things and flush off toxic people...

Were you fond of daddy?

Oh yes! I love my daddy so so much. I was a typical daddy's girl. May his soul continue to rest in peace.

How have you maintained your stunning beauty?

Am just lucky, I think it’s my gene to look cool and younger for my age. I bless and thank my Creator and my parents for this.

Let us talk about your love life. How is your marriage?

That’s one aspect of my life that I won't say I regret or rather I must thank God always.  I am separated and going through my divorce presently.

How painful has it been?

It was painful, most especially when you believe you tried all your best to be the best wife.

How did u get it wrong?

Hummmm... I don't think I got it wrong. It has reached its expiry date. So both parties moved on...

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