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Popular Interior Decorator, Laide Lanre Badmus Reflects On Life @ 40

Lady of Style, Laide Lanre Badmus has just turned 40.But she doesn't look it, one bit. She is still her bubbly and playful self. She herself can't believe she is for. She is excited and happy.

She told Citypeople her story a few days ago. Below are excerpts of her interview.You were 40 on Saturday 10th July. How do you feel turning 40? What has changed about you? What has not changed?

I am grateful I am alive, healthy and blessed.


What has changed?

I am wiser, and less emotional. I have a better understanding about life.


You are a Style Queen. How did develop yourself to that level?

Fashion had always been part of me right from childhood. Because I grew up in the midst of fashionisters especially my grandmother.

Tell us what you do? Do you style other celebrity women?

I am into interior decoration and designs & also a public speaker. I am not a celebrity stylist.

Tell us about your journey to stardom. Where were you born? Where did you grow up and schools attended?

Stardom just happened. My life had never been a rosy one, but I had always believed in my beautiful self. And I have always been a purpose driven woman.

Primary school -Sacred heart Nursery and primary school ring road Ibadan.

Secondary school- Fiwasaye Girls Grammar School Akure.

Universities - Olabisi Onabanjo University Ago Iwoye formerly known as Ogun state University Ago Iwoye and Leads City University Ibadan.


I have LLB in law and B.Sc. in Politics & International



I am the Founder and Principal Partner of Alice Unique Multiventures Ltd. and Laide Lanre Badmus ( LLB ) Nig Limited .


A firm that provides custom-made interior designs and decoration, contracts & supply. I manage the organization and oversee all its operations.

I am a Member, Nigeria Institute of Management, Fellow at institute of personality development & customer relationship management.......IPD - CRM  www.ipdcrm.org


Whenever you step out, you exude a lot of confidence. How did you develop that?

Anybody that knows me knows I believe so much in myself.

I know I have something special inside of me. Laughs.....

I will never lose my authenticity because I am never afraid of being judged!


I can only say it's been God.

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