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Why You Need To Visit GoldCard Spa, Wellness & Fitness Center In Lagos.

Has anyone told you about a new and classy Spa&Fitness Center located in the Maryland area of Lagos? If not let us tell you about this beautiful Center that everyone is talking about right now.
It is called Goldcard Spa,Wellness And Fitness Center.It is located inside a quiet and serene estate in Maryland ,Lagos.It is inside Idiroko Estate,opposite where LASU Anthony campus is on ikorodu Road.
It is the Spa and fitness center many celebrities are going to keep fit and look good.
Let's tell you more. It is run by a Wellness coach,Adejumoke Anike Odulaja and her group of instructors who are very passionate about keeping fit and looking good.

Why many people go there is because of the wide range of services it offers.This include,Gym,Weight Loss,Massage Therapy,Facials,Nail Treatment,Waxing,Makeup,Steam Tent Treatment,Pedicure/Manicure(Foot Spa),Skin Rejuvenation and Physiotherapy.

According to Mrs Jumoke Odulaja,"we are committed to help build a Total you,Body,Mind and Spirit through Dedication,Determination and Consistency."
Mrs Orelaja is an accomplished woman who takes Wellness serious."We should  all make our health our PRIORITY",she says.

She lives Wellness & talks about it every minute,every time.She is a great advocate of the need for weight loss.She is also a champion of healthy living.That was why she set up GoldCard Spa,Wellness And Fitness Center,at 2,Yusuf Okunade Close,Idiroko Estate, Maryland,Lagos.
So why not go there now for your weight loss and healthy living exercises.You will be glad you did.

-----Seye Kehinde

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