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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.


Weekly shades with Chantelle are picks of random colours and prints showing different style ideas how to work them for maximum effects.

The start off shades are oranges and blues. Two tones that compliment each other depending on how it is put together. Oranges signify excitement, enthusiasm and warmth, while blues bring to mind imagination, freedom, open spaces, intuition, inspiration and sensitivity. Blue also signifies depth, trust loyalty, sincerity, stability, faith, intelligence and wisdom. Both are rich in depth no matter how dark or light they are. All these attributes merged as one goes to show how electrifying this combination is.

As is common knowledge, the style rule books have been torn and thrown away long ago. Fashion has been turned on its head that even conservative dressers and stylists are now forced to accept the clash of colours and prints are bang on trend the world over. There is no going back as this Pandora’s box is now wide open.

Weekly shades take you on a journey through prints and colours not necessarily on-trend at the moment, but showing, how if worked rightly cut the perfect picture. These are ideas meant to encourage the not yet converted when it comes to breaking fashion moulds to make that move.

Furthermore, weekly shades aim to instil confidence in our readers and followers. Fashion is an expression of one's self. To some men and women, fashion is a lifeline with which they communicate to the world who they are. Out of fear of being laughed at or low self-esteem, some hide their true potentials expressing how fashion and style works in their mind without being judged.

This segment encourages you all to reach out and get featured. Send in your style ideas and what inspired it or why you believe it works. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Till the next episode comes your way, hope you like the outfits put together by me and other online sourced materials ciao.



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