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Celebrating Lady Of Style, Funmi Esuruoso Ezekiel


This is the story of a beautiful lady called Funmi Esuruoso Ezekiel aka Prettypie.

She is an accomplished professional.She is a Registered Nurse, Midwife, Orthopeadic and Registered Critical care Nurse.


She works with National Orthopaedic Hospital Igbobi-Lagos in the intensive care unit (Critical care unit).

One striking thing about her is her great sense of Style.She is very stylish.

We asked her about what informs her style.How does she decide on what to wear to events?

"My Style is Unique and peculiar to me..."she says.


"Growing up, I realised I was a very fashion conscious child.As young as age 5,i would specify the colours of fabric and shoes I want combined together for my Mom and would vehemently refuse any combination that doesn't comform to my dress sense and the likes..."


"When I grew up,my love for colours and fashion sense increased and gradually people termed me "Prettypie the Fashionista "

"A boss of blessed memory also called me a Socialite."


"My mode of dressing often times get people attracted to me saying they love my dress sense..."


"Interestingly I don't do stuffs that are in vogue or reigning as the case maybe, it is not just my Style ."


"I am my own Role Model when it comes to fashion. I sit down and think of what and what to make of a material and the outcome is usually Wow..."


"For me, my Slogan is... You are addressed how you dress."


"Looking good boost my Self confidence and makes me feel so good and fly."


"My style isn't always expensive, I tell people you don't have to break a bank to look good and classy."


"I get attracted to people with good sense of fashion and the likes."


"People wonder why a Uniform person(Nurse) would be so Fashionable as much as I do." "Often times my colleagues meet me coming to work or going home and ask if I am going for an event or so?

A friend once asked is today your birthday? Another colleague answered her and said it seems you don't know Funmi, with her everyday is a Function and an Event and I usually tell people I  don't need to go home to change in the event that I need to attend a  function without prior notice.

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  1. I have always been proud to be your designer and this has made me even more proud to be your designer. Like I will always tell you,you inspire me alot because I still can't 8 marine how a professional midwife could be this fashionable and still be ontop of her game medically. Congranulation ma

  2. Congratulations prettypie. More wins my posh arewa

  3. Yippee, spotlight on a beautiful nurse, and Yes it's my colleague. Stephanie in the building. I truly appreciate your dress sense.