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London Celebrity Lady,Yetunde Soremekun Awolesi (YSA)Speaks On Turning 50


Yetunde Soremekun Awolesi (YSA) is a woman of many parts.She is a Fabric Merchant .She runs YSA Fabrics.She is a Worship Minister at RCCG Victory House  in London.She is also a Psalmist and a Songwriter.She is also a dutiful wife to a man of God.

The big news is that this beautiful woman will be 50 in a matter of days and expectedly she is in a happy mood. To celebrate all what God has done in her life she is having a Thanksgiving service on 12th September 2021.

How does she feel turning 50, Citypeople asked her a few days back? She smiled."I feel happy,"she says."I give God all the Glory. "

"I really want to appreciate the orchestrator of my life's journey .The almighty God creator of heaven and earth, he is the one who allowed me to see today in the land of the living ;  I ascribe all the glory to him."
"As a daughter of  zion I feel great.  50 for me is just a number, nothing has changed really . I feel blessed,  grateful and excited . My Jubilee is here .Glory  be to God."

Does  she feel accomplished and fulfilled?  " There is a yoruba that says  "ba o ku, ise o tan " I have done a lot in life with God's help, but honestly I can say I'm not there yet , every day we learn , life's journey is a learning process. God has deposited a whole lot of gifts in me and I'm unfolding them in bits. By his grace I will accomplish . There's still a lot to be done sir . As long as I have the breath of life Greater works will I do ."
From glory to greater glory ."

What lesson or lessons has life taught  her?." The greatest lesson life has taught me is to trust God with all my heart and lean not to my own understanding "
Others are..Walk your own path.
Don't hesitate when you should act."
"Good things don't come easy.
Never fail to try more.
Invest and take care of your health early. "
"Make every moment count and do all it takes to be happy 
Live and let live."
"There are many more but I'll stop at that ."

How do you plan to celebrate your 50th birthday?

"As a lover of God and a minister of songs the first thing that comes to mind is a thanksgiving service . The celebration for me cannot be better done elsewhere than in his house . God has been everything to me my help in ages past and hope for years to comes. He is my Alpha and Omega and my all in all.The party and every other thing will come after that ."
We have a lot planned God willing ."

How do you juggle your  many roles?
  "Great question. Honestly, I don't even know how I do it.. I guess God wired me to cope and he helps me to touch on every single role effectively without muddling them up . I am a  Wife ,Mother, Nanie , Daughter Niece, Cousin, Aunty, Bussiness woman, Gospel artist, Choir member, Deaconess, Caterer, MC just to mention a few .

How can you function in all areas if God doesn’t help you.
His grace is more than sufficient for me .
Mind you I'm planning to take on more roles in the nearest future.

Who is YSA ?.
 YSA is a daughter of zion and an addicted Worshipper born to Pa and late Mrs Soremekunon the 8th of September exactly 50 years back. I have 6 wonderful brothers and sisters and I happen to be the last girl .
I gave my life to Jesus many years back and I have since stayed by God's grace in the faith .I was created to worship the most high God and this is my passion .I love cooking and meeting people too . I attended Reagan memorial Baptist Girls secondary School and then went to the Polythechnic Ibadan where I studied Insurance, before moving to the UK. I'm happily married to Mr Olakunle Awolesi and blessed with children and a Grandchild. 

Watch out for my next Single coming out soon, titled Glory to your name .
Thank you so much my beloved Uncle Seye Kehinde,the CEO City People Magazine .

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