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The Tejuoso Royal family is in a happy mood right now. And this is authoritative. This is because Olori Omolara Adesola Olayemi Tejuoso, the eldest of the 3 Oloris of Kabiyeesi Alaiyeluwa, Oba Dr.Adedapo Tejuoso will be 70 in a few days and the countdown has begun. The easy-going Olori is the Yeyeluwa Ago Oko & Oke Ona Egba.The 70th birthday Anniversary Celebration promises to be a grand event.

Although Oloori Omolara is 70, she looks refreshingly younger than her age. She has also remained very beautiful. She is one of the celebrity women in the society who are aging gracefully. She has lived a good life and she has provided good leadership, for the younger Oloris to emulate.

 One thing you cannot but notice about Oloori Omolara is her remarkable fashion and style. She and the 2 other Olooris, Yetunde and Labisi know what to wear to which occasion to make them look gorgeous.

Many don't know that Oloori Omolara was born with a silver spoon. Her dad was late Baba Gabriel Odesanya Adeleye, popularly known as Ade Million. Her father was very strict, but he took care of the children. He always wanted to make them comfortable with material things like clothes, jewellery and food. Her mother is also strict. She made the children do all house chores before leaving for school. For instance, Oloori Omolara had to open her shop and make her breakfast ready.

The most wonderful thing she inherited from her mum (Mrs. Beatrice Aderibigbe Adeleye) is how she used to dress then. She had it all and also made good use of it. She loved to look good all the time, which she also inculcated in all her children.

How did she meet Kabiyesi years back? CityPeople can reveal details. We gathered reliably that Oloori Omolara met Kabiyesi at a party on the 24th of February 1973. She looked so beautiful that day. She was putting on something casual, but the fact that she combined it well, made it look good on her. But one-day Kabiyesi asked how and where she got all the gold jewellery and clothes from and she told him they were from her parents.

Many people are happy for Oloori Omolara, who is a devoted Christian and she is passionate about the things of God. Let us tell you more about this great woman who is very simple and graceful.

She loves good music, classy and solemn music and she also enjoys Praise and Worship songs.

A few years back, when she celebrated one of her landmark birthdays, CityPeople interviewed her then on what life has taught her at over 60, she said life has taught her not to take anything at face value, to cast all her burden on God, not to be short-sighted and most importantly, she said life has taught her to live right.


She has been married to Oba Tejuoso for over 50 years.

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