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Style Queen, Yetunde Ikotun Ojo Reflects On Her Birthday

As you read this, Mrs Yetunde Ikotun Ojo is in a happy mood. It’s her birthday and she is in a birthday mood. Trust CityPeople, we got her to tell us how she feels. Below are excerpts of her chat with CityPeople.

How do you feel as you celebrate your birthday this year?

The truth is I am solely excited! Totally so. You see, this birthday is remarkable for me because around this time 23 years ago, exactly at the age of 23, I had an accident that totally altered the trajectory of my life. In the accident, I lost my leg. I had an above-knee right leg amputation. After then, I have been able to achieve things that could have turned out as limitations. I was able to go to England two years later to get fitted with a prosthesis @ St" Mary's Orthopedic Center in Roehampton in London. 

I used that for years, which I had to replace several years later with a more updated version with support from "feet of grace org".

The parts were imported from Germany, but assembled by a seasoned prosthetic in Nigeria

I am a married woman with two grown boys in the university, my 1st son clocks 20 on Sept 14, just a day before my birthday

I have also successfully run a business as a fashion enthusiast.

We are focused on helping people achieve and active and updated wardrobe life by consulting and sourcing for what actually fits their personality.

We are also into Aso Oke designing and can deliver anywhere in the world

The business "House of Beautitudes" is a renowned make-up house in Ibadan, one of the best as far back as 2001. We are available for all genders

What are the lessons life has taught you in life?

One of my life lessons is that you only limit yourself in your own mind.


Another one is people will see you as you see yourself.


I have a couple of my life lessons written down somewhere, adding to it every day, because we learn as we live.

What are the principles guiding your life?

Be happy always.

Who is Yetunde Ikotun Ojo?

Yetunde is a happy child. She is someone who loves to give people good vibes.

She is passionate about amputees, especially female amputees. She counsels and encourages people to live the best of their lives. She is also a lover of teenagers, helping to guide them to take the right decisions. She is an unrepentant lover of God, because, without His grace, there would be nothing of me to show

How have you been coping with life and family?

God has been gracious. I married a good man and we have been able to raise two wonderful boys together. It has been ease from the throne of grace

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