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Trish O Couture Is All About Glam Outfits - Creative Director, Trish O


There is one female fashion designer everyone is talking about right now, on account of her stunning designs. She is the lady called Trish O, a brand name coined from her initials, Patricia Osita  Onumonu. She is one fashion designer who makes her clients look truly stylish and stunning. For her, it’s about Timeless fashion, Red carpet clothes, 2nd dresses, Birthday dresses, wedding dresses, and other Glam dresses.

Trish O is committed to crafting and making gorgeous ready-to-wear and breath-taking bespoke outfits that will enable the wearer to make Style Statements at red carpet events.

Recently, this wave-making designer who hardly grants interviews told CityPeople Publisher, Seye Kehinde what makes a Trish O woman stand out anywhere, any day.

Below are excerpts of the interview

 Tell us the story of Trish O, your successful fashion brand. What is the secret of your success?

 Trish O Couture can somewhat be described as a Gace to Grass story. I started really small by making clothes with one machine in my mother’s house whilst working for my mother who is a big fabric retailer at the popular Balogun market. I always knew where I wanted to be and so I focused on my goal.

As a business I employed whatever technique I deemed would add value to my brand; from marketing to PR, to social media. I always did my best to know what was relevant with the times and offer that. The secret to my business is Consistency and the need to constantly unlearn and relearn.


How did you come with the brand name Trish O?


Trish O is actually my nickname from my full name which is Patricia Onumonu.


As a fashion brand, what is your area of specialisation? What kind of outfits do you design?


With time, my brand has come to be synonymous with Glam outfits, whether bridal, red carpet, party.

 Whatever it is, when you think of Glam, both ready to wear and bespoke, then think of Trish O Couture.


Tell us about your story. Where were you born? Where did you grow up?


I was born and grew up in Apapa, Lagos. Like every other young girl, I aspired to work In a corporate organisation when I was really young, but I caught on quick to what my real passions were; which was fashion. For most of my university years, I worked for my mother in Balogun market and the rest they say is history.


Tell us about schooling and courses you have done?


I have a B.A in Philosophy from the University of Lagos. Every other skill I have, I have learnt from understudying or interning with people I admire.


What has kept you going all these years?


My family and GOD; and the desire to be the best version of myself.


What has been your staying power in the Fashion industry?


My staying power has been my ability to stay abreast with the trends. People come to me because they know that I will always give them not just what’s fashionable, but what’s timeless.


What stands you out from the pack?


What I believe stands me out is that I not only make bespoke outfits but retail glamorous outfits which you can buy off the rack. Most brands make it bespoke


How do you cope, in terms of competition from other designers...


I don’t see Competition. I’m in competition with myself.

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