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Celebrating Popular US Actress Idowu Akinsade

Stunning beauty, Idowu  Akinsade is a popular  Nollywood actress, living in the US. She is from Ondo state but grew up in Lagos.

CityPeople spoke to her a few days ago, and she revealed her success story.

"My primary education was in Lagos. My secondary education was in Ondo and I proceeded to Ogun State University now (OOU) where I studied Industrial & Labour relations. I finished in 2008 and I started a Boutique business, which made me to be shuttling between Dubai and South Africa to source for goods.

At some point, I went to a culinary school and started my catering & cake business. And so so I'm still grinding it. I currently work at a Mortgage Finance Company as a Post Closer, I also run my business. I am the owner and Chef of ID'S kitchen in Maryland USA, where we prepare mouthwatering African dishes for all kinds of events. We also sell via some food delivery apps like Doordash, Uber eats, etc.

 How did acting start for her?" Hamm! Acting started for me a long time ago, immediately after I left secondary school. But my mum really discouraged me and made me lost interest. Also, I heard how bad upcoming are treated in Nigeria so I forgot about acting. But the truth is, acting is in me, it's a part of me, I am passionate about it. I remembered doing some waka pass scenes in some English movies back then."

  "Fast forward to when I came to the USA, I saw a movie that was produced here, and I contacted an actress in the Movie and I was introduced to TAMPAN USA chapter, which I became a member and I am currently a Zonal Deputy Governor. Zone 2 precisely.

 To the glory of God, I have featured in some movies and I have also produced some and I'm looking forward to coming to Nigeria and produce some."


“My acting career officially started about 3 years ago and it has been nothing but awesome."


What are the challenges? "Hmmm! It has been very challenging, I mean discouraging, but my love and passion for my career have been keeping me going. There are a lot of challenges, from production set, Profit, and then some kinds of people with funny attitudes in the industry. But giving up is not an option."


Who are those she rolls within the movie industry in the US? "So many people. I am for nobody, I am for everybody" (laughs)

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