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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Citypeople Set To Celebrate US Based Veteran Actress, Regina Askia Williams.

Her name will forever continue to ring a bell in Nollywood. This is because she dominated the industry when she was very active in the movie industry.

Ever since she relocated abroad, her focus has changed a bit. She is a US Nurse Practitioner. She lives in New York. Before she relocated to the US over a decade ago, she was a popular Nollywood actress in Nigeria. She has maintained her smashing beauty queen look that she has had since 1989 when she won the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant. This stunning beauty lives in New York City where she works in a foremost hospital as a senior Transplant Nurse.

As she abandoned acting? Noo, she told CityPeople when we interviewed her a few months back. Though she no longer acts actively, like before, she still relates with her contemporaries in the movie industry.

"I might be participating in Nollywood as a Producer. She is not getting any younger. She is 53, but she does not look it at all. Reg, as many call her, is ageing gracefully.

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