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Celebrating Popular Actor, HRM.King Fadojoe, Oba Ilukan, The Owuguwugu 1 Of TEXAS

In Texas, his name has travelled far and near. He is a talented actor and movie practitioner.

Many address him as His Royal Majesty King Fadojoe Oba Ilu Kan. The Owuguwugu 1 of Texas.

He is a big man who has made a big name for himself. A few days back, this accomplished guy spoke to CityPeople about his success story. Below are excerpts of his interview.

Please introduce yourself to us and what you do for a living

My Name is Faduri Oluwadare  Joseph popularly called Fadojoe and OBA ILU KAN.

I am a Registered Nurse by profession here in America, an international music artist and awards winning Actor

 How did acting start for you?

Acting has been an inborn thing for me since I was a teenager and youth directing and acting in the church and leading drama groups and when I relocated to America in 2009. I started directing and writing scripts for drama group of my church in New York and featuring in Movies by Nollywood actors and actresses when they come abroad to shoot before I finally decide to start producing my own movies too later

You have been acting now for how long?

I have been acting, could say all my life but professionally in Nollywood for about 9yrs now featuring in many movies

How challenging has it been sustaining your interest in acting abroad?

Honestly, it's been challenging when you have to marry jobs bills, and careers together abroad where manpower is so limited compare to Nigeria where we have everything.  But this passion we have the job keeps us firing on and on and that passion and the love we have for what we do has been sustaining us with our people accepting us and giving us the support we desire and deserve

Who are those actors you roll with abroad?

Many great actors I roll with abroad here like Shina Ayo Oyinlola, Mistura Asunramu, Dele Ogundipe, Araosan, and many others but to mention a few

Where were you born? Where did you grow up? Which schools did you attend?

I hailed from Ipetu Ijesha, in Osun State. I grew up In Ipetu Ijesha though I moved to Ibadan as a teenager when my both parents passed away, then finished my Secondary education in Ibadan before moving finally to Lagos

I attended Ibadan Boys High School then moved to Lagos to attend Yaba Tech for only a semester before I gained admission to the then Edo State University now Ambrose Alli University to Study Sociology. And graduated as a Sociologist

In addition, I have produced more than six movies to my name aside many movies I have featured in. Among my movies are Fadojoe. Asiri. ErubabaobaOlongboTemi Ni and 2 new movies to be released soon on the way Pedophiles  and Kiija Oba Ilu Kan

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