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How I Combine Selling Fabrics With My Drinks Business - Lagos Businesswoman, Olajumoke Ogun

Olajumoke Ogun is a successful Lagos businesswoman who is doing so well in business. She plays Big in the fabric business and also in the drinks business. And over the last few years, she has done so well managing the 2 businesses.

She is the CEO of Kingserve Drinks and Makarios Fabrics. A few days ago, she told CityPeople her success secrets. Below are excerpts of the interview.


Kindly introduce yourself and what you do?

My name remains Olajumoke Ogun and I run 2 major businesses in the event industry, 1st being d Drinks business and 2nd being the fabric business.

How do you juggle your 2 major businesses?

It's a tough terrain in this part of the world to run any kind of business and honestly, there isn't any manual to it but the grace of God has kept me in business all these years.

Tell us about your fabric business. It is how old now? What fabrics do you sell?

I have always a fetish for dressing men up especially in native wear so I started off selling men's fabric in 2011 after resigning from my banking job. Then I later added the women's fabric line in 2017 when I opened a fabric store on Ogudu Road called Makarios Fabrics. We have grown since then and sell all sorts of fabrics, Swiss cotton, Turkish, Italian men fabrics, Italian silk, Swiss lace, voile Ankara, Adire for women. It’s a one-stop luxury fashion store. We recently added our ready-to-wear line, we also have in-house tailors to give bespoke fitting to our customers.

Tell us about your drinks business. What services do you offer?

The drinks business is called Kingserve drinks, we can proudly say we’re one of those who started the drinks business in Nigeria. What we do is basically to serve drinks at events. A very interesting business that has grown and is well recognised now.

Your drinks business is how old?

The drinks business is over 18 years now, God has been faithful because it has birthed many other hospitality businesses.  Our integrity has kept us strong and standing.

Tell us a bit about you? Where were you born? Where did you grow up? Schools attended?

Olajumoke Ogun is a small girl with a mighty God. Started of my education in Chrisland Primary School and went to Ifako International School from JSS 1 to 3, then proceeded to Home Science Association Secondary School where I completed my secondary education. Then I graduated from the Estate Management department at the University of Lagos.

Tell us about your work experience before you went into a private business?

Working in Bank taught me structure, and got me ready for my own business.  An experience I will forever be grateful to God I got.

How did your business cope during Covid Lockdown?

Hmmm.. if u want me to be honest ehn where others were experiencing a cast down I was having a lifting up......God just has this special love for his girl that I can't explain.

Tell us about your fashion style. You dress well. What informs what you wear?

My mum of blessed memories loved fashion and I give the credit of what I am today to her. I forgot to add that I make my own designs of Adire prints on different High-quality fabrics.  My Adire workshop is in Osogbo

What are the basic principles that helped you to succeed in business that other entrepreneurs can benefit from?

Integrity, let your YES be YES and No be No. Don't take more than your chew, na all of us go chop breakfast last last. Bible tells me about time and season so let's all b patient for our God-appointed time which will surely come.

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