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How I Got My Nickname, Star Boy -Canada Based Actor, Temidayo Enitan

Temidayo Enitan is a popular actor in Canada. But he is well known beyond the shores of Canada. Everyone calls him Star Boy. A few days he spoke to Citypeople about his career. Below are excerpts.

Please introduce yourself to us and what you do for a living?

My name is Temidayo Enitan, a Nollywood Actor/Producer/ International Promoter and Brand Ambassador. I am the President of Starboard Entertainment, the founder of the Nigerian Canadian Celebrities Entertainment Awards (NICCEA Award) and the President of Theater Arts and Motion Picture Practitioners Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN), Canada chapter.


The Brand Ambassador to QUICK COLLECT Canada

The Brand Ambassador to GOLDEN CHEETAH LOGISTICS Canada

The Brand Ambassador to Poundo Potato Canada (FastBear Foods)

The Brand Ambassador to HOMES BY BANJI

The Brand Ambassador to KENNY'S BREAD CANADA

The Brand Ambassador to MIIQUA WATER CANADA

The Brand Ambassador to SYLLABUS AUTOS CANADA

And i promote/ influence a lot of brands here in Canada

How did acting start for you?

My acting carreer started when I completed my University degree B.Sc. (Accounting), I have been in love with acting ever since I was very young but my parent insisted I complete my education before venturing into acting fully and we all know we must do what our parent want, so I abide with their rules before finally joining my uncle MR LATIN acting group

You have been acting now for how long?

About 8 years now.

How challenging has it been sustaining your interest in acting abroad?

Personally, my acting career is all about the passion i had for it ever since i was young, and we all know that acting in abroad is not as easy as it is in Nigeria because we pay in dollars.

Most productions we do abroad are most expensive than the one we do back home, and as we all know that everyone work here per-hour and not everyone that will leave the job they will be paid more for acting which is about passion.

Who are those actors you roll with abroad?

As the President of TAMPAN Canada chapter, we have over 80 members and i relate with everyonelike my family

I also have my senior colleagues/ mates in the USA, people like Dele Ogundipe who is the President of TAMPAN USA Chapter, Big Vai, Yomi Gold, Tawakalitu Ajisefini, Alesh Sanni, Sexy Sino and many more. Most of this my Nollywood family flew in to Canada for my yearly award (Nigerian Canadian Celebrities Entertainment Awards) celebrations in 2019 before Covid 19 took over last year. We also have in attended - Ninalowo, Iyabo Ojo, Biola Adebayo, Kunle Adegbite, Aunty Ayoka Ologede, Late Racheal Oniga, Gbenga Adewusi (Bayowa Films), Gemini Films, Adekaz Film, Nikki Spooner and many more.

How did you get the nickname star boy

I got the name Starboy from my leadership experience from the past, because i have always been a leader right from primary school education where i was the class captain, at the secondary level i was a class prefect and during University level i was the President of my department and i always do my job deligently and a lot of people like me, so that makes me so popular and that was how i was been called Starboy by my friends, so i adopted it when Instagram was introduced

Where were you born?Where did you grow up? Which schools did you attend?

I was born and brought up in Lagos State

I attend Olabisi Onabanjo University for my B.Sc degree

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