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LAGOS Big Babe, Funmi Ukomadu, Talks About Her Fashion- Meets- Lagos Event


Funmi Ukomadu is a beautiful babe with great ideas. She has a passion for anything Fashion. Right now, she is busy with a show that is coming up soon. It's about Fashion. She calls it Fashion Meets Lagos. She told CityPeople what to expect. Below are excerpts of the interview.

Please introduce yourself to us...

I am Funmi Ukomadu. I am a TV and Film producer. I am also a fashion designer. 


How did you get involved in the fashion business?

I have always been passionate about creating and working on platforms that position Nigerians and Millenials for opportunities and in a positive light, especially for our talents, resourcefulness and creativity.

FASHION MEETS LAGOS is an event with a similar vision. FASHION MEETS LAGOS is a fashion tourism event and an initiative of PHUMMYPORSHE in partnership with Destination Tourism NigeriaTRAVELOGUELagos State Government, Lagos Tourism and other notable industry icons.

The event will feature an exclusive runway Showcase, Exhibitions, awards and music performances. 

Lagos is not only the Centre of commerce and entertainment in Nigeria,  but it is the most forward-looking and focused Tourism destination in Nigeria at this time offering infinite opportunities to both corporate and fashion brands alike. The event will attract Top Fashion Designers, Dignitaries, brands, media and tourism stakeholders from across the country.


 Despite loving the media, owning a fashion business with global standards was one of my childhood dreams. I had always crafted fashion items growing up and gradually it became a business. I also worked with a few fashion houses and went on to learn professionally and attend an international fashion school where I learnt pattern drafting, illustration, male and female garment production including bridals and suits.

My experience in both industries combined made me tilt towards fashion business coaching, within the last 4 years. This is in addition to facilitating the positioning of fashion businesses in the media and commercial space.

 I have since been committed to identifying, nurturing and promoting skills within the fashion industry.

How do you see Nigerian women and Fashion?

The Nigerian woman in herself is confident, daring and has a cultural background. We tend to embody this in our dressing. I also like to mention that Nigerian Men are also very fashionable and meticulous about details.

Nigerians generally are highly fashionable people with a very distinct taste.

Tell us what you do

Ans I engage in several businesses around fashion and media. As the owner of the PHUMMYPORSHE brand, I teach aspiring fashion business owners how to launch scalable and sustainable ready-to-wear businesses. We also offer Project concierge in terms of AdministrativeManufacturing and Digital Branding services to fashion businesses. I also function as a film and television producer.

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