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Popular Actress, Biola Adekunle Talks About Her New Movie.

In the next few weeks, renowned Actress & Movie Producer, Biola Adekunle will be premiering her new movie, in Abeokuta. And she is happy about it. A few days back this beautiful actress who has featured in many Yoruba movies told CityPeople her story. Below are excerpts of the interview.

Congratulations on your forthcoming movie premiere. Tell us about your new movie.

Thank you. Well, my new movie titled Iwa.  its a mind-blowing concept with an interesting storyline. IWA is a movie about a young lady who came from a noble family, well-educated and ambitious. Her only challenge is being too confident about her beauty but life of a woman is beyond just being beautiful.

How many movies have you produced so far? Mention their titles...

I have produced several movies and if I could count by now it should be about 8 movies

Tell us what to expect at your movie premiere in December.

At the movie premiere, we should expect more entertainment, an avenue to meet your favourite celebrities, red carpet shows, musicals and a lot more...

You have been acting for how long? How did you get into acting?

I joined the industry in 2008, but I have been acting since the days of my high school but then it was just for fun ,after my national diploma at the Federal Polytechnic Ilaro. I joined Odunlade Adekola film production OAFP in 2008 and graduated before I became independent.

How did you get your big break in acting? Through which movie?

I can't really say this is the main movie that got me into the limelight, but I think I got more recognition when I produced "Tipa tipa" directed by my Boss Odunlade Adekola.

Who are your contemporaries in the movie industry?

Well, I can't really mention many names because I met some in the industry, and some we joined the same year while some met me. I'll say the likes of Bukola Adeeyo, Tunde Owokoniran, Sanjay and others I can't really remember when but we all grew together as Odunlade Adekola's first students then at Igi Aloye

Did you join any movie caucus?

Yes.  Igi Aloye caucus

Tell us where you were born, where did you grow up, and which schools did you attend and what course?

I was born in Abeokuta Ogun state, I attended my part school in both Abeokuta and Lagos, I did my high school in Abeokuta, I grew up in both Lagos and Abeokuta. I did my OND in banking and finance at FPI Ilaro then furthered to obtain my HND in accounting at MAPOLY Abeokuta then did my youth service at Abuja where I later redeployed and served at Oyo State Eruwa to be precise

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