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Today’s topic: Skincare Routine


The skin is the largest organ in the body, and if not adequately cared for with the right skincare products, and procedure, you may not enjoy a glowing or flawless skin.

Today, we will be talking about "Skincare Routine".

According to a dermatologist, “if you want to start a skincare routine, you need to follow a step by step guide in other to build the perfect regime for a flawless skin, and the right order to apply the skincare products.

For you to start, there are questions you need to ask. What type of skin do I have? What are the right products for my skin type? In what orders do I need to apply those products? How many of these products do I need to use? And what are the benefits of these products to my skin?

In order to get the best out of any skincare regime, there are some steps we need to follow. According to a certified dermatologist, Dr Magovern, you need to CLEANSE, TREAT, and MOISTURISE.

Some of us are familiar with cleansing and moisturising but we often shy away from treating our skin to get the best result out of the other two mentioned(cleansing and moisturising).

When we talk about treatment of the skin, it means feeding our skin with Skincare Superheros like; Vitamin C, Retinol, and Alpha hydroxy Acid, and more. Adding any of these in the middle of our skincare regime is very important; it makes a huge difference over time; helps in the health of our skin, and reduces the appearance of ageing skin.

Speaking with one of the organic skincare expert (Tanti Monique), and who has been in the business of producing skincare products, and providing skincare solution for over a decade, she has this to say;

When we say skincare, what exactly are we referring to?

Skincare in general terms is taking care of the skin, that is, taking care of the largest organ of the body.

As a skincare expert, what are those things you believe ladies/men should consider before choosing a skincare product?

They need to be aware of their skin texture, their skin type, ingredients in the cosmetic they are using in order to know if there is anything their skin is allergic to, or that is not safe for their skin in order to avoid skin issues.

We understand that we are not created to have same skin type, how do people know their type of skin?

People know their skin type from what they have observed on their skin over time, for instance, an oily face person is prone to acne, and it is always bringing out oil from the face T-zone area, even when they have not applied any cream or oil their face. For a dry skin, the face is just always dry even when moisturisers are applied on the body. The skin always feels dry and flaky for a dry skin, while for a oily skin, the skin feels supple, oily and moisturized.

As a skincare expert who profers solution to people with skin issue, what are those things you first look out for in your client before giving the solution?

I look at their skin first, ask several questions pertaining to their life style, and everyday routine which will help me know how to start treating their skin depending on the issue(s) they bring.

What are the skincare Routine available that can help people with skin issue?

The issue they bring will determine what routine to recommend e.g. Drinking of water, supplements to take, how to use their skincare products, what to be doing daily for a better skin, etc.

Is it only people with skincare issue that needs to follow a certain skincare regime?

No! Everyone needs to because everyone has got a skin. Skincare routine is for everyone to achieve a beautiful skin result.

We have some ladies who want to change their skin colour from dark to white, and as we all know that the skin acst as a protective barrier, can you tell us the harms inherent in this transformation?

Well, that is the trend today, and that is what is making Skin Therapist/ Skin care giver/Cream Mixers etc smile to the bank because, that is what most people now want but in all these, there are safer ways to get lighter shades of skin without harming the skin. Some skin experts are good at this, but if done wrongly the dangers are uncomfortable from sunburn, to melasma, eczema and above all it makes the skin prone to cancer. What I preach is having a beautiful skin and maintaining it, you don't have to make your skin white to love your skin. Healthy beautiful skin is the best.

We have ladies who breaks out easily, especially in their faces, what kind of skincare routine would you advice they follow?

Not just ladies,"don't forget I mentioned earlier that everyone is with skin", this happens to men also. For these set of people, breaking out can be due to the fact that they have;

•         oily face and also a sensitive skin. For these sets of people, as small as the oil may be,

•         oil from the hair can make them break out,

•         not washing their pillow case on time could be a trigger, also

•         taking of too much fries can also be a factor,

•         Always putting hands on their faces too can trigger it

•         Not cleaning the face daily before going to bed can be a cause too.

Skincare is really a wide topic that cannot be fully touched on an episode, it is a regime we need to keep talking about.

Keep a date with us again next episode, as we give you the full interview of our Skincare expert.

Dont forget, always drink water and stay away from eating heavy food after 6pm.

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