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US Based Veteran Actress,Toyin Adewale, Talks About Her Movie Career.

Her name is big in Nollywood. Before she relocated abroad a few years ago she was one of the hottest actresses in the Yoruba movie industry.

Now, she lives abroad. She is based in Maryland in the US and she is one of the few veterans who have remained very relevant in the movie industry, featuring in great movies back-to-back for over 3 decades. Let us quickly tell you that she joined the movie industry, professionally, in 1988 and has featured in over 200 movies, and still counting. She is not just a successful actress but a producer and established businesswoman. She has produced over 10 movies and still counting.

It was the movie Irepodun by Sunday Soyinka that shot her to the limelight.

What has she been doing since she relocated abroad? "I have been acting once in a while, though not as it was when I was in Nigeria. But when I am invited to movie production, I always go, "she explained to CityPeople.

She is also into buying and selling. "I buy and sell ladies' stuff. I also do souvenirs for people having parties."

When we asked her to introduce herself she was so simple about it." My name is Oluwatoyin Adewale. I am a Nollywood actor and a businesswoman. I am also a mother of 3". She is the mother of Mayorkun, the music star.


How did she get into acting we asked? "I started acting while I was in nursery school."

"One of my teachers in primary school, Mrs. Jayeola discovered me and really encouraged me then."

"Also at a very young age and as a chorister in my church, I did act too."


How challenging has it been acting abroad? "It's been a bit challenging over here though, but we're trying to make it happen."

"Some of the challenges I can talk about are:

A: Time factor, B: Challenging scripts, C: Not enough actors and directors, and

D: Distance factor.


She says she has been acting professionally, since 1988. "That is 33 years ago, to the glory of God."


Who are the industry people she rolls within her base in Maryland, in the US?

" There are great actors here too. My colleagues. The likes of Wale Adebayo ( Sango), Doris Simeon, Queen Oluwa, Bukky Wright, Lola Alao, Dele Ogundipe, Helen Paul, Kayode Adebayo, Yomi Gold, Kola Amusan, and a host of others."


Where was she born? Where did she grow up? "I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria.


"I attended WJ Davis Memorial Nursery & Primary School, Broad Street, Lagos, Lafiaji High School, Pike Street Lagos, Rimax Institute of Vocational Studies, Meiran Lagos, Lagos State Polytechnic, Isolo, Lagos.

One thing has not changed about her. Her stunning style. She has remained her stylish self. "I took after my mum." Toyin Adewale never fails to tell anyone who cares to listen that she is an Ijebu girl. She is always fun to be with. 

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