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US Movie Star, Ashabi Olorisha's Son Reveals How She Influenced His Career

This is the interesting story of how a Young boy took after his mum,in her career as a movie practitioner.It is the story of UK based Michael Oluwagbemileke Opeyemi Adeyemi who is doing well in the movie world.He is the Producer of Alapandede Obinrin kan movie.He has acted with Korede Films when he was young,with Samuel Ajirebi.

A few days ago,he told Citypeople his success story.Below is his story.


"My name is Michael Opeyemi Adeyemi. I am an up- coming actor/producer.I am also a footballer."


"I am a Youth Worker. That is what I do for a living "


How did acting start for him ?" I have been part of the movie industry for a long time now, always following my mum, Ashabi Olorisha to any movie location she is going and I have also acted in some movies as well,when I was younger."


"My mum played a massive role in my new journey wanting to be an Actor/Producer,even though when I was younger she forced me into acting. I never enjoyed it then, moving to London stop any chance of me acting,so I focused on my football, but my mum already planted the love of movie industry in me, so any spare time I have I will always watch nollywood movies.

So making my return in 2018 with Quietstorm was easy because it was my choice, my mum did not force me. I fell in love with the Nigeria movie Industry and I wanted to bring a bit of London vibe into the industry."


"And now my second movie Alapanded Obinrin Kan came out on the 30th of September 2021 on Libra Tv, so my mum is playing a massive part in my new journey in the Nollywood Industry it is not everyday to have a legend in the Nollywood industry to call your mum Ashabi Olorisha."


What course did he study?"Sport Science at University of Greenwich,"he revealed.


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