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CANADA Based Yetunde Adeyemi Says She Was Born To Be An Actress

Yetunde Adeyemi is a good advert for what she does for a living.She is a great actress and a movie producer.She is also a beautician who makes other ladies look beautiful.This stunning beauty is into make up and Hair.She spoke to Citypeople a few days back about her success story. Below are excerpts.


Please introduce yourself to us and what you do for a living


My name is Yetunde Adeyemi "CEO" yetibae.beautymakeup 

Born to be an Actress 

Am a beautician (eyebrow tech , makeup artist, hairstylist, and so on ..


How did acting start for you?


Felt like i was born with it ...i Started in my primary school ... at the age of 12yrs where by the school had to take us from one province to another to perform on stage ...and i always felt awesome about  entertaining people...


You have been acting now for how long?


Been into movie production since 2006 ...15yrs


How challenging has it been sustaining your interest in acting abroad?



As an international producer we struggle to get the development funding and also the cinemal distributor, which is still healthy but different somehow ...


Where were you born?Where did you grow up? Which schools did you attend?


Was born in lagos ...grew up in lagos ...spend my adult age in abuja ...

Couples of primary school ...(federal goverment college ijanikin) finish from a private school (tedoa nursery sch)


Secondary school 

(Iludun oro comprehensive high school) in Kwara state ...


University of Abuja.


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