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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Why Many Ladies Don't Joke With Iwa Signatures


Right now in the Beauty sector,one brand that is doing so well is Iwa Signatures run by Stunning Beauty,Adenike Iwalewa Amusa as CEO.
She is into Beauty,Cosmetics & Personal care.She specialises in Bridal make up,Sales of Cosmetics,Jewelries,Perfume Oil & Designer perfumes.
Her business is 4 years old.Why did she go into Make up business,we asked her recently?

"I went into Makeup business because of the passion I have for combination of colours. What I mean is back then when I put on a certain colour (top or dress) I touch it up with a cool colour of makeup. So a parent walked up to me then in my former job (wear i worked as the Proprietors Secretary/P.A. ) to tell  me that she loves my combinations that I should go into makeup business "

We asked her what stands Iwa Signatures out from the pack? "My Signature.My Touch.My Products.My Brows & Final touch",she explained.So good is she that all her clients tell their friends and spread the word that Iwa is good.No wonder why  her services are in high demand.

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