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Celebrating London Based Veteran Actress,Roseline Jumoke Okondo

Roseline Jumoke Okondo(nee  Ogunsanya ) is an accomplished actress.She is a veteran actress who  Iives in London.

" I came to England at the age of 22 in 1977 to study Film & Television Production. My interest for film started at the age of 17 and I was drawn into Television, acting by Late Moses Olaiya Baba Sala, his late wife was my Auntie Folake ( karile ) they were expecting a baby but the Alawada group had to go on tour so my mum told me stay with her as my Secondary school was close to their house in Yemetu in Ibadan. The school is Our Lady of Apostles. By the time they returned from the tour of Orun Mooru ( Heaven is stuffy) there was a rift between some of them and the 1st person that played Ayo, in Orun Moru, so, I was asked to stand in. They needed a fair skin girl because the character was a mammywater."

"After few rehearsals I fitted in and I became 2nd Ayo in Orun Mooru."

"We toured all over Nigeria with the film, Baba Sala then got a contract with NTA Ibadan to film a series and I was casted as Baba Sala's Secretary, "sec you gbo English you gba Certificate".

" I became popular in my school and was casted for all school play."

"I later moved to Kaduna to join my Dad and I joined the Playhouse in Kaduna Television House ( NTA ). I had a lot of opportunities."

"My passion for writing started when I asked a writer then Mr Sam Jones Folorunso to write a script for me but he was taking his time and my dad had a typewriter so I decided to put my pen to a paper and my scripts were accepted."

"NTA saw my talent. I hosted quiz shows & Children’s shows but Dad had other plans for me "you must go to England" it’s always been his plan so In 1977 I came to England to study Film & Television which Hawwa Funtua introduced me to because of my potentials.

" I studied Editing, Screenwriting and Directing. In 1980."

"Late Chief Hubert Ogunde was making a film called Jaiyesimi. I was cast as Efunnaike .I met Eda, Jide Kosoko, Tunde Kelani and many more. I brought the film back to England for Editing so I got the title Assistant Editor in Soho Square by Margaret Bendell."

"I hosted a Morning programme in London,called Ojumo ti mo."

"I wrote a book, The Pact ,and I have been involved in few other movies in the UK."

"I am currently the Assistant Welfare Officer of TAMPAN UK."



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