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Citypeople Celebrates London Based Film Producer, Hellen Atim




She is one Movie practitioner that deserves to be honoured and celebrated. This is because of her giant strides.

Citypeople had a chat with her recently and she revealed a lot about her success story.

"I am an Independent Film Producer,"she told us."I am also the CEO Of Hellen Atim Productions Ltd and the Founder of Women Make Change Charity.

" I live In London United Kingdom .I started my Film journey In 2014 and it was not an easy one because I knew nothing About Film Making apart from watching Films on TV.So, after producing 13 Films, both Home And Abroad, I  realised that  Filmmaking is not an easy endeavour. Both The Art and the Business of an Independent Film Maker are constantly evolving. New challenges emerge at every Stage Of Development, Production, Post Production And Distribution .Out of all the challenges, I’m In Love with films .I Love my stories being turned Into Films and seeing It on the Screen and I can never let anything stand on my way until I get to the Top. I want to see my works on the bigger platform eg. Netflix Etc."


Where was she born? Where did she grow up?"I was born In Northern Uganda and I come from a large family. My father,is Okeny Tiberio Lapit and my Mother is Santina Apoto Lapit. I'm The First Born out Of 8 Children, although I lost one of my brothers in 2016.It was not easy growing Up In Northern Uganda, because Of the War that Lasted for about 20 Plus Years. It was not easy going to school For Me Because Of That so I Can't talk much about my academic background."

She is a TAMPAN Member.

Her social media handle 

Instagram hellenatim1

Facebook Hellen Atim 

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