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Dr Adebukola Adesanlu Talks About The 3rd Anniversary of Her EKE Foundation




Can you introduce yourself?


My name is Dr Adebukola Adesanlu,i am the CEO of this wonderful blessed group.The name of the group is Gossip of the highest order EKE YI NO NI .


How did the name Gossip of the highest order come about?


Hmmmmm,the name Gossip of the highest order came through what someone told me about her daughter and another person came to me to ask of what she can do or how she can handle her daughter which was similar to what someone already told me.

So i told the person what that other person did to solve her issue which was related to her daughter, because, i think it can be of help or benefit to her.Before i knew it,the person met the other person that told me what i told her.You know,person,person,person,person.So,someone took it to social media and said,Iya Alaje is a gossip.To God be the glory,that 2nd person used what i told her for her daughter and her daughter got better.

So,i said,it is not all Gossips that are negative.Some gossips can be positive, like what i told that person has been of benefit for she and her daughter.

So be positive in your gossip.That is where the name Gossip of the highest order came about.


Can you tell us more about EKE?


EKE is on fb.If you search the name Gossip Of The Highest Order,you will see us there,and we are almost 13,000 members.This is a group where we are not funded by any organisation. I do most of the stuffs myself and we all help and support ourselves. Like yesterday , we did give away. We went to Motherless babies home.We went to the Fagba area, where we saw some people that are disabled. That is what we believe in.We gave them food.

It is a group where you will be happy, not just catching fun. We help ourselves. We help people without clothes, shelter. People who cannot pay their children's school fees can now smile and be happy.

We are all about positivity.It is a group where you can benefit and achieve something,where you can say, since I have been a member of this group, these are what and what i have achieved.


It seems there are more females than males in the group?


The ratio is between 7 to 3. You know males are not always too interested in things like this, but, we are getting there.



Where do you see EKE in the next 3 to 5 years?


If in 3 years, we are almost 13,000 members, which is why we are celebrating today. Eke was founded on October 30th, 2018. So in the next 3 to 5 years, we would be over 1 million members and that is our goal.

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